Maybe Today

Training didn’t happen last night – my rib just felt too sore. At the moment I’m considering it for tonight and will decide for sure later: Let’s see.


Did it!

I braved the -17 C cold and managed to make it to the gym for my first post broken rib training session.

I first entered 30 minutes in the Concept2 computer and decided to start rowing at a conservative 160w / 21 spm. Despite some discomfort, I was pain-free for approximately five minutes, after which it started to hurt every time I reached forward. A couple more minutes later breathing became slightly painful, so I decided to scrap the 30 minute goal and aim for 15 minutes… that was from a fitness point of view a very simple task and I most likely could have rowed through the pain – I just want take it easy and see how I sleep and recover tomorrow.

I then hopped off the C2 and onto the treadmill where I once again took a conservative approach: I started out at 4:48/km on a 1% incline. This was pretty easy and I had no time goal – just run until I feel pain. 17 minutes in I felt so good that I increased the pace to 4:11/km and ran until I hit 30 minutes. Once again, I stopped because I was worried about the consequences for tomorrow: If I feel good then I’ll do it again.

I did notice that I land a little heavier and stiffer on my left foot: the very foot that gets injured (when I do have an injury). I focused on this for the last 15 minutes and tried to alter it – not a simple task. I also decided to lower my arms. I usually carry my fists chest high and as a result need to swing a lot to counter-ballance my stride. I discovered that if I carry the fists closer to my hips I don’t have to swing the arms so much; I suppose it’s because lowering the fists makes the pendulum longer… anyway, I’m now into babble territory, I’ll sign off and wait for the pain of lack off it tonight/tomorrow.