I’ve been i a considerable amount of pain for the last few days. It started on December 23rd while out playing in the deep snow with my daughter. While trying to coax her deeper into the deep snow in the forrest I was diving into it to show her it was harmless. While the snow was indeed harmless, the old tree-stump that was buried beneath the snow and made contact with the right hand side of my rib cage proved not to be.
I was initially a little winded but managed to carry on since I didn’t want my daughter to see that anything was wrong. Later I had a small bruise and a little pain but decided that I was ok. I ran 25 minutes that night and felt no pain. The next day I ran a good 50 minute hilly run and also felt pretty food after that. The next day was a a short but also good and pain free affair. On accident day + 4 I was twenty minutes into a run and felt a pop in my rib area and was -and still am- in considerable pain after it. Pain medication is all but useless so I’m now 6 days from ‘pop-day’ and had to cancel the yearly January 1st run/sauna/swim in hellasgården.
Not a great way to start the year, but I figured that training on an injury is a worse way to begin. Rest and recover and get ready to race this year…