Saturday I went tp a packed gym and -because of the 10 minute r

10 minutes on treadmill – 8 min @ 4:20/km, 2 mins @ 3:20/km
5 minutes on exercise bike
10 minutes on treadmill – 8 min @ 4:20/km, 2 mins @ 3:20/km
5 minutes on exercise bike
10 minutes on treadmill – 8 min @ 4:20/km, 2 mins @ 3:20/km
5 minutes on exercise bike
2km on the Concept2 – Easy
Sunday -with tired legs- I just did 52 minutes of easy-steady running. Pace varying between 4:20 and 4:30. Last 2km @ 3:40/km.
Nice weekend!


Did an easy session on the trainer today:

10 mins w/u
Then, alternated 66/88rpm for the following durations:

Total 72 mins

HR never crossed 150bpm

10km more…

I attempted to do the very same run that I did on Monday – just to compare the data. Unfortunately for my data-geek persona, I got extremely bored and started to crank up the pace from the 5km mark. I was running 4:20/km pretty comfortably by the end; not exactly the easy-does-it approach that I’m trying to adhere to, but not far off.

Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Run test

Second run in two days… And the numbers are not great! I decided to run 10km on the treadmill – 46 minutes flat; that’s 4:36/km and only half the story. In that time my HR climbed from a sedentary 138bpm to a rattling 159; That’s a drift of 21 bpm and an indicator of lack of base fitness. Of note is the fact that I was never taxed during the session – when I’m fit 159 is a barely sub maximal pace that would have me spraying sweat all over the gym, so fitness and possible heat are the factors. I’ll repeat the test on Wednesday 3rd of Febuary and see how a week of training changes things. I’ll then repeat it every 4 weeks.
Tonight I shall do nothing – easy does it.

Running again

Well, not actually running -more like a gentle jog, but it’s a start. I decided that -in order to keep my rib from hurting again- I will jog short, easy and often. Once I can breathe deeply without pain, then , and only then, will I stat to up the tempo and distance. Let’s see if I can get it right this time around.

I did 8km in a tardy 38 minutes today. 4;58/km – no HRM.

Indoor trainer

I spent 70 minutes on the indoor trainer, riding ultra-conservatively.

10 min w/u 88 RPM
10 min 66 RPM
10 min of 2 min 88 RPM, 2 min 66 RPM
1 min Stand @ 60 RPM
12 mins of 4 min 66 RPM,4 min 88 RPM
1 min Stand
3 min 88 RPM
4 min 66 RPM
8 mins of 2 min 66 RPM, 2 min 88 RPM

… or to put it simpler: I varied the cadence between 66 and 88 RPM a lot!

I feel in no way tired now; I might attempt a short easy run tonight.


To phrase it in the most dramatic way: the rib gave out last night and I’m back to square one!
Or not so dramatically: after 29 minutes of a planned 60 on the concept2, I got a pain in my rib that forced me to stop – something I don’t do easily.
Today I feel better but not good which leaves me with the dilemma – what do I do now? The options are limited:
1/ Rest (R.I.C.E.) – even if I don’t know how to implement the ‘E’ part of that particular recovery method!
2/ Train lightly – avoiding the rowing machine for a while.
3/ Ignore the pain and keep on truckin’.
4/ Row across the Baltic next weekend.
Being a conservative optimist, the likelyhood is that my decision will fall sonmewhere between option 1 and 2…

Resting makes you tired

After a pretty tough week with regards to rowing, I finally decided to take a rest day – I didn’t feel like one, but my training diary suggested I should take one, so I did. The result was that the training load hit me like a freight train once I rested. Today – after taking a days rest yesterday – I feel TIRED!
What does one do when they are tired?
They decide to run 12km in snowy conditions on a track with very bad footing; that’s what one does if one is me!
The result of this is twofold – or possibly three:
1/ I will put off my return to swimming yet another week.
2/ I will be even more tired tomorrow
3/ I will be fitter next week?
Let’s see how it goes. As it now stands, I will make no plans for tomorrow.


Below is my last 6 days rowing. There was also a cycle and a run thrown in there too. I’ll try to get 12km done today to bring my total up to 60km for the week.

Meters    Total Time    Date        Age    Class    Slide?    Comments
7000    30:00.0        1/12/2010        38    L    standard    Average Power: 164W, Drag Factor: 100
7000    30:00.0        1/12/2010        38    L    standard    Average Power: 164W, Drag Factor: 100
10000    42:55.0        1/11/2010        38    L    standard    Average Power: 164W, Drag Factor: 100
7050    30:00.0        1/9/2010        38    L    standard    Average Power: 165W, Drag Factor: 100
7038    30:00.0        1/9/2010        38    L    standard    Average Power: 162W, Drag Factor: 100
10000    42:55.9        1/7/2010        38    L    standard    Average Power: 164W, Drag Factor: 100