After my great week running I came down with a pretty bad cold. Today is my 5th day off training and I’m itching to get back at it. I’ll take the conservative approach and wait until tomorrow.

Six Day Absence

I’ve been away from the blog for six days, but in that six days I have done no less than five runs. None were particularly long but that’s not the point at this time of year. Getting going and keeping going are the goals. Week total 56km.

Back at it again

I took a three day break at the end of last week. I was very tired in the middle of the week but still trained through it – by the time Friday came around it was well and truly time for a rest.

I came out of the rest today with a bang. My run plan was not yet decided by the time I walked out the door. I gravitated towards Kristinaberg IP and did a pre-interval training set… It wasn’t hard or long enough for me to call it an interval set, it’s merely getting me ready to do a proper one in the near future.

12 mins w/u, 5×400/1  min rest (400s in 1:23, 1:17,1:18,1:19,1:16) , 30 mins easy run after.

Mixing it up a little…

I didn’t get much running done this week – too busy! I did however manage to get two indoor bike sessions done over the last two nights:

#1: Thursday

5 mins w/u

4 x (5 min @ 50 rpm, 1 min 102+ rpm, 1 min rest)

13 x 40 seconds @ 110+ rpm, 20 seconds recovery)

10 mins @ 90 rpm

#2: Friday

5 min w/u

10 mins: 1 min 83rpm, 1 min 75 rpm

2 mins rest

12 mins: 2 mins 83rpm, 2 mins 75 rpm

2 mins rest

15 mins: 3 mins 83rpm, 3 mins 75 rpm

2 mins rest

Tabatha sprints: 8 x 20 seconds MAX, 10 seconds rest


Did not enjoy the tabatha sprints one bit… pure agony! I almost forgot to mention: I also did a short run at lunchtime today: nothing too difficult but a run is a run… I hope I get a chance to do one tomorrow.