More Running

Nice run in Ursvik today: 11,4km , 4:41/km, 154 av. HR. I was tired from the weekend’s training but it was still a relatively easy session – as it should eb this time of year.

Running is most definitely becoming the main focus – more by default than for any other reason. A year without focus is over and I am sewing the seeds for next year. Ideas in the pipes are:
Dublin City, Marathon October 2010
Lidingö Ultra, May 8th – This is tricky since I’ll be moving house two days later!
Kungsholmen Hlaf-Mara, May 8th
Premiärmilen, March 28th
Vätternrundan, June 19th

Saturday Run, Sunday Bike

On Saturday I managed my -now usual- 12km run around the city. I felft a little sluggush and the pace confirmed this: 148 av. HR, 4:44/km; that’s my slowest short run in a long time… Not too surprised since it was my 4th run in 5 days and put my weekly total up to 48km – that’s the lingest in quite a while.

Sunday I got out on the CX bike and slopped and slurped through quite heavy mud. Great fun and great to be outside on the bike on November 29th! I managed two hours at a pretty easy effort – it was the darkness and heavy fog that forced me to end the ride.

Back to Back Runs…

12,1 km
4:31 min/km
148 av. HR
Very late start – I think I got out the door at 21:55 because I was busy with other things. The good side of that was the fact that it was 35 hours after my last run; the bad was that it was difficult getting out of bed this morning. Feeling good about my running now and actually considering being a full time runner!

More Running

Got a run in today during lunch today with Darren:
10,98 km
4:51 min/km
148 av. HR
Felt great at the start and never felt bad once during the run. The going was very muddy in parts and the shoes felt excellent in these conditions.
I feel like I want to run all the time now – I’m more motivated than I’ve been in over a year now: I’ll accept this as a good thing but be careful not to over-train and injure myself and thus make it a bad thing!

Rome wasn’t built in a day and an October race was never won in November!

Run, Run…

I’ve done two good runs over the past three days. On Saturday I did a solid 12km run: 4:33/km, 156 av. HR. Tonight I did a slightly less intensive 13.5km run: 4:41/km, 149 av. HR. Feeling pretty good about my running these days – who knows where it will lead.

Back at it again…

I’m resting today but have been pretty hard at it since I got back from Ireland. I’ve been on the trainer for two consecutive days attempting to begin to get into pre-vätternrundan shape.

Session 1: Wednesday: 5 mins @ 100rpm, 5 mins @ 80rpmn, then 4x (10 mins of 2min @ 100rpm/2mins @80rpm/ 3 mis rest)

Session 2: Thursday: Holty AeT HR for 40 minutes – vary cadence from 80-90 for different durations. 1 Minute rest then a set of Tabata sprints (8 x [20 seconds MAX, 10 seconds rest])

Sore legs and low blood pressure today.

Answer to my previous question.

Fourteen days ago I asked myself – How does one back-off.

The answer is simple: Travel to Ireland and immerse yourself in friends and family for nine days… that’ll do it.

In my nine days there I managed to get two runs done.

Last night I addressed the setback by a pretty intense treadmill session:

5km in 20 minutes, 2 min rest

2 mins @ 3:45/km 1% grad, 1 min rest (170 MHR)

2 mins @ 3:45/km 1% grad, 1 min rest(172 MHR)

2 mins @ 3:45/km 1% grad, 1 min rest(173 MHR)

2 mins @ 3:45/km 1% grad, 1 min rest(176 MHR)

3 mins @ 3:45/km 1% grad, 1 min rest(178 MHR)

I was pretty much done in after this set. Thursday I’ll do a longer easier run.

How does one back off?

I’ve learned a lot in the past few years by simply keeping this blog. The act of writing things down forces me to think about them and helps me to see obvious mistakes. A new ‘problem’ arose last year however; a problem which my experience to date did not let me identify or repair. I lost motivation last year without actually realising it! I now know in hindsight what happened and can -hopefully- prevent it from occuring again.
Right now I’m in annother strange -and new- position: because of a wasted year, I’m now more motivated than I have been in years and all i want to to is train, train, train. Being this fired up this early (or late) in the season can only be bad news for next year if I follow my impulses (which I am currently doing).
So what to do? Save the motivation – if that is possible – or use it while keeping the intensity of my training down? I’m going for the second option for now.


The last few days have been doubles:
AM: Indoor Bike 1:10
5 min w/u
4 min 150 bpm
2 min recover
6  min 150 bpm
3 min recover
9 min 150 bpm
4 min recover
9 min 150 bpm
3 min recover
9 min 150 bpm
2 min recover
9 min 150 bpm
1 min recover
2 min hard
2 min w/d
PM: Gym, mainly eccetric leg strength 32 mins

AM: Run 8,8km
PM: Swim: 30 mins Technique, 26x50m on 55sec