Swim #8

My eight consecutive swim of my comeback. It was t 1500m test swim which I decided to do with a wetsuit. I paced it pretty well: hard first 500m, hold back for the second 500m and then push the last 500m. I hit the wall 21:00 after starting.

So: 1500m, 21:00, 1:24/100m

Race #1

Ouch… what a day! Lidingöloppet, my one planned race of the year is over and I can safely say: that was the most pain I ever experienced in my athletic life… I started out at a pace that I knew I would not be able to sustain. I acknowledged this to myself while running yet continued to run at that pace. Even though the pace was well above target pace, I felt shit; almost felt like I had a hangover despite the fact that I had drank no alcohol in a few days. By the time kilometer six approached I homestly thought there was a big chance that I would not finish the race. Eventually I settled into a pace that I thought was reasonable and encouraged myself that if I held this pace for the next 18km I could then up tempo and make a good push for the finish.
At kilometer 12 I all of a sudden started to feel good; I started passing people and felt like the way I usually do… not quite invincible, but a damn site better than I was feeling just minutes before. That feeling lasted all of five kilometers and from that point on it started to deteriorate at a rate I have never experienced before. In days gone by I always wondered what people were feeling when they were walking during a marathon or Ironman – I always thought “How bad could it be?”… This thought was the only thing that kept me running today. I not only wanted to stop running, I wanted to lie down… I rarely use the word never in a sentence that involves future behavior, but I’ll say now: I will NEVER again start a race of that distance without being prepared for the distance…NEVER…EVER!!!
Oh, I forgot: 30km, 2:19.41, 165 av. HR


The splits are now posted:
Dist – Split – Aggr – Place – Pace
5,5 km    – 0.25.04 – 0.25.04 – 719 – 4:33/km
10 km     – 0.20.17 – 0.45.21 – 772 – 4:30/km
15 km     – 0.22.22 – 1.07.43 – 722 – 4:28/km
20,2 km – 0.25.51 – 1.33.34 – 653 – 4:58/km
25 km    – 0.22.10 – 1.55.44 – 571 – 4:37/km
Mål        – 0.23.57 – 2.19.41 – 524 – 4:47/km (Av. Pace 4:39/km)

Despite dying a death in the last 10km, I actually gained over a hundred places!

Dist –         Split     – Aggr    – Place – Pace
5,5 km –     0.25.04 – 0.25.04 – 719 – 4:33/km
10 km –     0.20.17 – 0.45.21 – 772 – 4:30/km
15 km –     0.22.22 – 1.07.43 – 722 – 4:28/km
20,2 km –     0.25.51 – 1.33.34 – 653 – 4:58/km
25 km –     0.22.10 – 1.55.44 – 571 – 4:37/km
Mål –         0.23.57 – 2.19.41 – 524 – 4:47/km

Total Av. Pace 4:39/km

Row, Swim

For the first time ever I am about to do a row-swim double, and considering my current level of fitness in both sports, I’m in for a bit of discomfort tonight at swimming. Our main set is 800m mod-hard, however since I have not swam 800m in probably 6 months I’ll find the going tough – that’s not even considering the 10km I did on the Concept2 today… Not actually the best way to ‘recover’ for my one and only race this year: the 30km of running in Lidingö… Seems a little like self-sabotage to me.

The main set at tonight’s swim was 800m mod-hard, I did it in 12:13 which was a little better than I hoped and expected. This would lead me to believe that going under 23:00 in the 1500m swim next week is going to be difficult – if at all possible. I felt very sluggish after the 800m swim – I could really feel the row in my arms and legs. Time to take it easy now and start to recover for Lidingö.

19 minutes and 44 seconds of Punishment

I punished myself for my slacking-off this weekend. Initially I decided to my first run in my new off-road runners: A pair of Inov-8 X-Talon 212. After my warm-up I decided not only to test the runners but my fitness too. The 5k track in Ursvik has a best time in my training group of 19:46 so I decided to try to break it. The first thing I noticed with the runners was the fact that they did not slip in the gravel at the toe-off part of the stride – something normal trainers do. The next thing I noticed was their unbelievable grip in the mud, albeit not deep mud, so the test was not putting them through their paces too much,

After talking myself out of giving up many times and drifting off into thinking about swimming at the 4km mark, I finally crossed the ling in 19:44,3 – not a substantial chunk off the record by any means, but it’s a marker for my fitness. Here’s the GPS log in case Richie (the previous record holder) wishes to challenge the time!

I’ve been running this track for probably six years – this is the first time I have mapped it: I was very surprised by what it resembles…


Here are the new trainers:

x-talon-212When I first took them out of the box I asked my two year old daughter; “Are daddy’s runners nice?” A resounding NO! was her reply… well, she’s probably correct there. They are good however. The next question is; Should I wear them for a 30k race having only ran 8km in them?

Friday and Saturday

Rest – simple as that.

Sunday I will go to the track and ? x 800m on 3:00. I wonder how many I will get done… When I am in A-race fitness I can knock out 10 pretty easily. I think 7 or 8 is possible. Failure to hit 800m it 3:00 will by my primary means of ending the session. If I feel I have to go too deep to make a set I’ll then decide to call it a day.