Double Day

I did a double training day – don’t know why, but I did. I started out in the gym with a not so easy session: 5km on the C2 (in 20:28) followed by 37 minutes on teh spinning bike. Done as follows: 5 min w/u, 2 x (3 min mod-hard, 2min steady), 5 min mod hard, 2 min steady, 9 mins mod-hard. Sauna, lunch, work.


In the evening I hit the streets for a M-Paced run. 55 minutes, 12,6km, 151 av. HR, av. Pace 4:20/km – very happy with that.

Short and fast

I got a small break in my otherwise fully busy day – just enough time to take a quick 8km run. The intention was to figure out what is wrong with me… specifically, why did my previous two long runs feel like the last 5km of a marathon. I decided to start quick and see how long I could hold the pace. I started out at 4:10 and drifted a little at the end, but still, I was pretty happy: 8km, 4:22/km 149 av. HR… Now let’s see how I can back that up.

Fully recovered, time for more damage…

I’m now fullf recovered from my long run so it must be time for more punishment. I know that Friday is usually track-session-day, but because I am very short on ling runs I think that it is more important to go long. I’ll attempt a 21km run and if I feel particularly fresh, I’ll add some cruise intervals after 15km.


Not a good run! I don’t know what is going on inside my body but today’s 10km run was at an average pace of 5:01/km – a speed I have not run at for years. I’m beginning to suspect that I am suffering from a lack of sleep that has eventually caught up on me… I’ll try to sleep more over the weekend and try again next week… I’m not happy at all.

Long-ish Run

I managed to do a long run tonight. In order to do that I had to overcome some obstacles – the least of which were yours truly. Because we are schooling-in our daughter to a new day-care my schedule is pretty busy, so the goal of getting out tonight was going to be a difficult one. When the dust settled and I finally got out of the house I was looking forward to a great run – twenty minutes into it I started to fade and then I remembered that I had not eaten since lunch time – nearly eight hours earlier. Luckily I had my flexible friend and stopped into a garage and bought a protein drink and an energy-drink and was soon on my way. Twenty minutes later I was actually feeling god again. It amazes me how after all I have learned in all the years running that I can make such a fundamental error like forgetting to eat. What next – Forgetting to sleep? Forgetting to wear clothes? Unbelievable!
The total for the run was a shade under 18km and because of the early bonk the average pace was 4:57/km even though I was running comfortably at 4:35/km at the end.

How odd

I did an unusual training session at the gym today – for no particular reason really.A leisurely 2000m on  Concept2 gor things started and from there I did 30 minutes on the spinning bike, then hopped onto the treadmill for 20 minutes at 4:16/km and then back to the C2 for another 2000m. I finished off with a few weights – nothing too stressful. All row/bike/run sessions had 1 minute break between and I feel pretty relaxed now. I hope that I get the time to run tomorrow during lunch… I doubt ti though.


I intended on swimming for 60 minutes this morning – my first swim in quite a while. Upon taking my first few strokes I felt pretty good so decided to do as many sets of 400m as possible. I managed five sets on seven minutes, took a two minute rest and then did two more sets, during which my stroke completely fell apart. I decided that the wise thing to do was stop: 51 minutes, 2800m – not great but not bad! I really detest when a training session falls short of the hour – i feel almost like the session does not count!

Push-ups and a run

Morning was push-ups again:

(|)7,7,8,8,9,9,10,10 (-)7,7,8,8,9,9,10,10 (|)20 (-)20 Total: 176

A track run planned for later.


9 x 400 (1:22, 1:21, 1:21, 1:21, 1:20, 1:19, 1:20, 1:21, 1:21), 2 x 800 (2:57, 2:54)
One minute rest between all intervals – I ran faster than I thought possible today. Things are looking good assuming I recover well from this.

Back to training…

Started the day with push-ups and catch-phase stretch cords work:

(|)7,7,7,8,9,10(-)7,7,7,8,9,10(|)20(-)20 : total 136

With sets of 20,30,40 catches after every three sets of push-ups.

Run planned for later…


Run happened – sort of. It was bucketing down with rain so I decided to go to the gym and run like a lab rat. I did the following set:

  • 6 mins @ 14km/h
  • 2 x (4 mins @ 16km/h, 2 mins @ 12,5km/h)
  • 1 min @ 12,5km/h, 3 mins @ 16 km/h
  • 3 mins @ 12,5km/h
  • 2 mins @ 14km/h
  • 6 mins @ 15km/h
  • 1 min @ 16km/h
  • 1 min @ 17km/h

All at 1% incline. I followed this up with 20 minutes on the spinning bike… I’m now tired.

Holiday Wrap-Up

I was on holidays for just over a week and gave myself a forced media black-out. No TV, Radio, Web – Nothing! Only a little bit of training. I didn’t take my bike with me since it was for only a week. Instead I hired a bike from Pietro, the owner, is a nice guy and can fix a bike for you and even provides guided tours around the region.

On day 1 I headed on a loop of the southern section of the lake, taking in Como, Lecco and two incredibly high peaks. It was to this day one of the best cycles I have ever done in my life and I was thankful for the fact that the bike I had was equipped with a compact chainset – something I previously frowned upon! The gradients are just too steep and the hills too long for any other option. Map and gradient graph below:

Como_Day1_MAPComo_Day1Day 2 was a shorter affair that took on the same first section as day 1 – once again tackling  the first climb of 1000m before heading on the pilgrimage to the church of Madonna del Ghisalo – church adorned with cycling memorabilia…


I tackled the Ghisalo from the wrong side, but having missed my ferry in Bellagio, I then had time to ride back up the first half… An incredible experience!!!

I have just discovered that the program I use with my Garmin -Ascent_- shows VAM data: Mine is 1060m/hour while climbing steady for an hour. I have no idea what I could do If I pushed it, but I see that Alberto Contador climbed at 1800m/hour during the Tour… Incredible!

Push-ups & Long Run

AM, Push ups: (|)5,6,7,8,9(-)5,6,7,8,9,(|)16,(-)20 – total 106

Now, let’s see if I can stay awake tonight and get that elusive long run done… 51 dats to my A-Race.

51 days is effectively seven weeks:

  • Week 7: Long run 20k
  • Week 6: Long run 23k
  • Week 5: Long run 25k
  • Week 4: Long run 25k
  • Week 3: Long run 25k
  • Week 2: Long run 28k
  • Week 1: Long run 20k Race Pace
  • Race week: 30k in under 2:10

Let’s see if I can make a good start tonight.


The run was a disaster – I died a death out there, Speed was non existent and I had to stop and walk a couple of times. Further to that am sitting in a 30 C apartment feeling cold. That is the second time in a row where I have felt flat during a run and cold after. A new one to me.