Big Week – Day 1, Part 1

Swimming was how I chose to stat my day today. It has been exactly eight weeks since my last swim so I was not expecting to be able to swim very fast or long. I decided on what to do while in the pool. I started with a 400m warm up and from that decided that 100s was the route to take. Surprisingly enough, I was holding 1:38/100 for the firt few and I didn’t cross the 1:40 mark during the first set of 100s – this made me pretty happy. The second 400 showed signs of fatigue and the last set of 100s was a mental and physical suffer-fest. I switched the start time to 2:00 because the time per 100 had risen to 1:44-1:46… Anyway, the high points were that my initial speed was much faster than I expected it would be, the low pint was that my endurance is worse than I thought it would be. The question is: is it actually my endurance that i lacking or simply a lack of swim practice that is forcing me to use up too much energy. It it is indeed a practice issue then it will be ‘resolved’ pretty quickly. I plan to take it very easy now for the rest of the afternoon and then do a race-paced run in the evening.

3200m: 400, 14×100 on 1:50, 400, 10×100 on 2:00


Part 2 of my dy was a 60 minute run with two race pace intervals. The first one was 20 minutes at 4:03/km. This was followed by about 10 minutes of steady running and then the next race pace set was 10 minutes at 4:07/km – I cut this short since I was feeling a little tired and there is a lot left to do this week. All in all I’m very happy with the day. My triceps are already in pain from this morning’s swim… I can only imagine how they will feel tomorrow.