Solid Run

Did a good run today – not setting the track alight by any means, but a solid 15,5km of steady running. I managed paltry 4:50/km with an average HR of 147. I don’t mind the speed being too slow for now – I am training at that HR (mostly) for the next few weeks and the pace is irrelevant. Even though I say that the pace is not a factor, I still feel the need to state that it is a very hilly cross country course. Will I finally get that illusive swim tonight… or is it too late now to even bother?


I missed swimming again tonight – that is probably the most typed phrase in this entire blog! After the swimming time window passed I decided to do nothing – just take it easy. At around eight o’clock I got a sudden burst of motivation and decided to go to the gym – somewhere I have not been for six weeks. I started with a 10 minute warm-up run: 4:18/km 1% Gradient – pretty easy stuff. I then proceeded to my old friend, the concept2, where I experienced a discomfort that I was not expecting at all: only six weeks to go from pulling easy for 60 minutes at 2:03/500m to struggling through 10km at 2:09/500m. I left humbled and tired, but pretty happy with the day’s effort. Tomorrow’ plan? No idea!