Long Cycle Done…

Well, I finally managed to get a 100+km ride done for the first time in two years. I took it pretty easy which the rather slow 28km/h average speed shows, but nevertheless it’s done. Most certainly there was fatigue towards the end of the ride but it was not like the pain I experienced on Sunday – it was almost a pleasant sensation. I’m now going to take it easy for the rest of the week, recover and then see what I can get done next week… I’ll be a full-time dad for the entire week so any training will be opportunistic.

Home Workout

I didn’t manage to get out to train today, so I did a quick and simple home gym session.

Static leg press, stretch cords, push-pus, core torture super sets for 20 minutes. Not difficult, but better than nothing. Run tomorrow and -not likely, but possibly- a swim… or cycle… or something else!