More Cycling

I did another cycle again today – just because I had the time. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have the energy! My heart rate was very low for the entire ride. Elevating it above 140 caused great discomfort so it remained below 130 for pretty much the whole ride. I debated many times (usually when I passed a turn that would take me home quicker) if there was any point cycling this slow and with this low heart rate. As has become usual, the debate was ignored and the two hours that I intended to do got done. Now the questions that remain are;

  • How will I feel in the morning?
  • Was such a slow ride worth the effort?
  • Should I rest tomorrow?

Before I had my shower I also did some push–ups: ( 3 x 7 ) + ( 4 x 8 )  I’ve been building these sets over the past two weeks. I started at 7 x 7 and will progress to 10 x 10, then 20 x 5, 25 x 4 etc…