Run & Bike

I got quite a bit done today. A long-ish run at lunch and a two hour cycle in the evening.

I initially set out at lunch to do the 5km lap in Ursvik but decided later to do the 10k – this brought the total run to a little under 14km. My HR was lower than Monday and my pace was 10 seconds/km faster – it appears that I was indeed very fatigued on Monday.
Once again after missing the deadline to go swimming I decided to da a late cycle. I was out the door at 19:10 for a relatively short two hours. Upon arriving at Drotningholm I decided I’d do 3x 18min HIM intervals. After completing the first one I changed my mind and decided to skip the intervals and just continue to cycle until I got to two hours. I have no idea what my average HR was since the HR monitor was on the blink: it showed HR of over 200 for most of the ride. My average speed was 28,5km/h – not a blistering pace by any means, but it is what it is.