Annother Run…

I had hoped that I would do a long cycle today but a home project prevented that. The good news is that the project is allmost finished and I also got out for a run. After yesterday’s run -and today’s work- I was reluctant to make a plan before I ran. I decided to go out, run and then make a plan depending on how I felt. It turned out that I felt pretty good and after a rather hilly 20 minute warm-up I hit the track and did 5x400m with 60 seconds rest between sets. All 400s were done in allmost exactly 1:20 (that’s 3:20/km). I’d like to be able to do ten of these some time soon – I think with that I’d be able to get close to a sub-36 minute 10km.

Tomorrow I’d like to get a good long cycle done; something approaching 90km would be nice but -as allways- I might not get the time. If I dd get the 90 km in that would bring my weekly total to just a tad over ten hours. I’d be delighted with that and would also try to see if I could get a few more 10s in this summer. With that I think I’d be able to consider Sala Silverman HIM.

Here’s the graph from the run: