Catch Up: Day 3

Today’s plan is a 90 minute run. I’m not sure how I will get the time, but that’s the goal. If I don’t find 90 minutes in my day I’ll consider attempting two runs…

Once again my plan did not become realised. Instead I did the triple-double: cycling and running for the third consecutive day. The cycling was done first and I forced myself out the door at about 21:00 to do the run. I did a different session on the bike today:

  • 15 mins w/u
  • 7 x (2:30 @ 92 rpm, 2:30 @ 72 rpm) Steady->Mod-Hard
  • 6 x (1 min @ 80 rpm Hard, 30 seconds rest)
  • 2 min w/d

The fatigue reared it’s head during the run. I ran a slightly hilly 10k and every hill slowed me right down – there was also a burning sensation to accompany the reduction in speed. Well, it’s now done and I think I’ll rest tomorrow and then try to do a big weekend. That should give me a good platform to start my real training from. Now let’s hope I can find some consistency – I’d say my training for Lidingö Loppet is about 7-10 days behind schedule. Nothing alarming yet, but it’s deffinitely time to get moving on the long runs.