Catch Up: Day 2

I’m tired today and I still have two days to go in my ‘catch-up’ block. It was originally supposed to catch-up fitness in all three sports, but missing swimming last night is going to make that difficult; unless I manage to go swimming tonight. So that leaves me with a dilemma – what to do?

  • Plan A: 60+ minute Run and a 60+ minute Cycle
  • Plan B: 60+ minute Swim and a 60+ minute Cycle


It turned out to be a variation of Plan A.

I’ve just finished the cycle part and it burned. i propped the bike in fromt of the TV, watched the Tour de France TTT and did the following set:

  • 10 mins 39×18, 92 rpm, last 60 seconds 100 rpm
  • 2 mins Easy
  • 11 mins 39×18, 92 rpm, last 90 seconds 100 rpm
  • 2 mins Easy
  • 12 mins 39×18, 92 rpm
  • 2 mins Easy
  • 13 mins 39×18, 92 rpm, last minute 100 rpm
  • 5 mins easy
  • 8 x  (20 seconds 110 rpm, 10 seconds 70 rpm) 39×18
  • 3 mins w/d

Total time 62 minutes. I’m now debating if a 30 minute run would give any benefit.


Did the run and it was more than the 30 minutes that I felt that I would be able for. I started running and felt surprisingly great: a spring in my stride and a great feel for the road. I just enjoyed it so much. Almost straight away I decided to change from the 30 minute plan to a 40 minute run. When I was 30 minutes in I added annother 10 minutes on to make it 50. At one stage on the way home I passed a turn that, had I taken it, I would have done a 1:05 run. Snese prevailed and I limited it to 50 minutes.

  • 11.1km, 50:24, av. HR 151, av. Pace 4:30/km, cadence 91

7 x 7 push-ups when I got home. I wonder how I’ll feel tomorrow… I have no plan for tomorrow yet!