Probably should have rested yesterday…

When will I learn? I’m simply not as fit as I once was – this becomes apparent after only two days of short, but intensive training. Yesterday when I awoke I was fairly fatigued and when I finally got around to running I only decided to do the bare minimum 8,4km – the shortest lap available to me.
One day later and I still feel bad – probably even on the verge of getting sick. I have a scratch in my throat that could easily develop into something worse if not looked after. Having said all that, I plan to run home from work today… So when I ask “When will I learn”, the answer seems to be: “No time soon!”.


In this mirnong’s section I noted that I was fatigued and should not run today – nevertheless, I decided to run. Fast forward 4 hours – post run – and I am realisingwhat a bad idea that was. The run home is an undulating 13km point to point; no short cuts available. Barely twenty minutes into the run I started to feel terrible – It felt like there was no spring in my step. Every effort to move forward seemed to meet with resistance and, for the first time in my life, that voice in the back of my head -the one that tries to convince me to slow down during races- didn’t tell me to slow down or stop: It told me to sit down! I have no idea how I managed to keep going and no idea why I felt so bad… It seems that I have a lot of fitness to discover.

Anyway, the good news is it’s done and I’m not injured: 12.9km, av. HR 146, pace 4:49/km