Missed Swimming

The time for swimming came and went and I decided to take a forced rest – something I have been doing a lot of lately. Just as I was about to call it a night and sit on my backside my girlfriend suggested that I go out on the bike for an hour and a half – something I hadn’t even considered. After momentarily wondering what was in it for her, I got dressed and was out the door in a record breaking 9 minutes.

Since the cycle was a surprise, I had no idea what I would do once I got going. Once I got as far as Drottningholm I decided to do multiple laps of the 4.6k circuit. I did the forst one in 8 minutes, took the mandatory 3 minutes rest and then decided that I would do a longer, but less intense lap for my next effort. This turned out to bt almost exactly 18 minutes. I then repeated the long lap and headed home.

  • 21 mins w/u
  • Lap 1: 4.6km, 7:59, Av. Speed 34.3km/h, av. HR 151
  • Lap 2: 9.6km, 17:55, Av. Speed 32.3km/h, av. HR 149
  • Lap 3: 9.6km, 18:20, Av. Speed 31.5km/h, av. HR 149
  • 17 mins w/d

That was enough.