Long Bike Done

It was just as long as I hoped and not as hard as I feared: A 4 hour 110km bike ride. Because I was so fearful of the distance -after the suffer fest last week- I started out very easy and just thought about getting through the day… also to consider was the fact that it comes on the sixth consecutive day of training. Anyway, I felt pretty good all the way through even when my legs were clearly fatigued. The fatigue manifested itself in the form of heat -not burning- in the legs. It was almost a nice feeling and didn’t seem to slow me down at all. If I get time I’ll try to get a 150km ride done soon.

Beginning to feel the strain…

I’m beginning to feel tired. My body is not accustomed to the volume that I am throwing at it at the moment and today, for the first time, it informed me. The first subtle sign -that I didn’t recognise-  was my replacing my long outdoor cycle with with a shorter, all be it more intense, session. The second and not so subtle sign was the pain in my right quad when I attempted to run: It was like the muscle was being torn… quite painful indeed. Anyway, for better or for worse, I managed to crank out a 40 min run – to bring my day total to two hours- without too many problems. Now I’m left with the daunting task of my last day of the big push: a 3-4 hour cycle… let’s see what happens.

Big Week – Day 1, Part 1

Swimming was how I chose to stat my day today. It has been exactly eight weeks since my last swim so I was not expecting to be able to swim very fast or long. I decided on what to do while in the pool. I started with a 400m warm up and from that decided that 100s was the route to take. Surprisingly enough, I was holding 1:38/100 for the firt few and I didn’t cross the 1:40 mark during the first set of 100s – this made me pretty happy. The second 400 showed signs of fatigue and the last set of 100s was a mental and physical suffer-fest. I switched the start time to 2:00 because the time per 100 had risen to 1:44-1:46… Anyway, the high points were that my initial speed was much faster than I expected it would be, the low pint was that my endurance is worse than I thought it would be. The question is: is it actually my endurance that i lacking or simply a lack of swim practice that is forcing me to use up too much energy. It it is indeed a practice issue then it will be ‘resolved’ pretty quickly. I plan to take it very easy now for the rest of the afternoon and then do a race-paced run in the evening.

3200m: 400, 14×100 on 1:50, 400, 10×100 on 2:00


Part 2 of my dy was a 60 minute run with two race pace intervals. The first one was 20 minutes at 4:03/km. This was followed by about 10 minutes of steady running and then the next race pace set was 10 minutes at 4:07/km – I cut this short since I was feeling a little tired and there is a lot left to do this week. All in all I’m very happy with the day. My triceps are already in pain from this morning’s swim… I can only imagine how they will feel tomorrow.


Not Cycling to Ornas…

I did a test cycle today with the intention of deciding if I was to cycle to Johan’s summer house in Ornas. It did not go well. I started to struggle after only 50km and the 30 km remaining of my ride were torture. This is a big knock to my confidence and the thought of entering Sala HIM in only five weeks seems unlikely. I suspect that I started the ride short on food –  I only ate two meals yesteray despite doing 1:20 of exercise; I was probably 1,000 Cal down when I went to bed… I’m not going to cycle to Ornas on Tuesday, but I shall however atempt to do a 130-150km cycle. Let’s see.

Tomorrow I will swim in the morning and run in the evening. I’m not sure how the swimming will go. Will the push-ups I have been doing play a part in keeping me ‘strong’ or will my lack of swimming make it a -yet annother- humbling morning.

First day of Holidays

I had big big plans for the first part of my holidays: Train very hard on the bike for five days and then rest a little before getting back to it. The first day did not start well. I really wanted to watch the Tour de France’s penultimate stage, so -perhaps ironically- the cycling was compromised because of cycling! I ended up watching a very enjoyable stage of the Tour while perched atop the trainer. I only did 1:20 at a relatively comfortable pace and ended the session with a set of Tabatha sprints. All in all an easy start. Tomorrow I would like to get 100km done and from that I will decide if I will cycle to Johan’s summer house in Ornas – a ride that will be an undulating 240km into the wind the entire way…

Ursvik 10k

I ran the Ursvik 10k during lunch today. I ran this on Monday in 46:20 with an av. HR of 149. Today I ran  it in 45:30 with an av. HR of 151. The time did not surprise me that much -it felt faster than Monday- what did surprise me was that while my legs felt great my breathing felt labored. I’m not sure what this means,but I’m going to assume that this shows progress. I think I’ll have a crack at Richie’s Ursvik 5k record soon…

PM, Push-ups: 7,8,9,10,7,8,9,10 (68)

Rest not…

The rest did not help at all. Yesterday I felt invincible; I was actually feeling very fresh and found it difficult not to go for a run – a run that I fully expected would be a fast one. After the rest however, I feel BAD! I could not get out of bed this morning and still feel lethargic as I sit here and type… So what is the plan? The plan is to do a long run.


Well, it wasn’t a long long run, but it was long enough. I didn’t get a chance to get out until about 21:00. Once I began running I felt what I expected: stiff, tired and slow. I continued on my old Marathon_Paced run route from last year and held M-Pace for the first half. I then switched down to a more comfortable pace and finished after about 1h02mins of running. I’ll post the graph and numbers up later.

090722The first part of the run was 27 minutes @ average pace of 4/11/km with an HR av. of 156. This was my first time in a while running at this pace so I backed off for the remainder of the run.

Total: 1h02.30, av. HR 153, av. Pace 4:26/km, av. Cad 92, RI 68


Took a rest – was dieing to get out and run but decided to do a long one tomorrow and possible back it up with a cycle. I had an idea to cycle to Johan’s summer house next week and take the train back next day. A 200km cycle would do me the world of good – assuming it doesn’t do me a world of bad injury wise. It woud be 250% of my longest cycle this year thus far… let’s see what I decide.

I did some push-ups: 7,8,7,8,7,8,9,10 (64)

Solid Run

Did a good run today – not setting the track alight by any means, but a solid 15,5km of steady running. I managed paltry 4:50/km with an average HR of 147. I don’t mind the speed being too slow for now – I am training at that HR (mostly) for the next few weeks and the pace is irrelevant. Even though I say that the pace is not a factor, I still feel the need to state that it is a very hilly cross country course. Will I finally get that illusive swim tonight… or is it too late now to even bother?


I missed swimming again tonight – that is probably the most typed phrase in this entire blog! After the swimming time window passed I decided to do nothing – just take it easy. At around eight o’clock I got a sudden burst of motivation and decided to go to the gym – somewhere I have not been for six weeks. I started with a 10 minute warm-up run: 4:18/km 1% Gradient – pretty easy stuff. I then proceeded to my old friend, the concept2, where I experienced a discomfort that I was not expecting at all: only six weeks to go from pulling easy for 60 minutes at 2:03/500m to struggling through 10km at 2:09/500m. I left humbled and tired, but pretty happy with the day’s effort. Tomorrow’ plan? No idea!