Long Interval Run

I am just back from a long interval run – a session I had no intention of doing when I headed out the door. Undecidedly, I drifted around the neighbourhood and eventually ended up at the local track. I decided that I’d do a 1600m test – just to see what HR it would require to hold 4:00/km for 1600m… I ended up doing this 4 times and then struggled home. It’s amazing how much more difficult the long intervals are – enen thoug they are slower than the 800m sets, they are much more difficult.

  • Mile 1: 6:36, av. HR 157
  • Mile 2: 6:28,av. HR 164
  • Mile 3: 6:34,av. HR 166
  • Mile 4: 6:31,av. HR 167


I’d guess from the above data that the inervals are too fast for my current fitness. I’ll have a quick look at Daniels later on and check what I should be doing them at. Time to rest and read.

Holidays Part I over…

I didn’t train as much as I hoped during the first part of my holidays. Maybe I should consider this when I plan the second part. I think I should mainly focus on the running since there are now only 90 days left to my A-Race this year. My ideal plan calls for me to have my long run built up to 25km by the time I am 70 days out. That means that I am behind – but only slightly. A little strength training combined with some double run days and careful recovery should do the trick. If I manage to pull this off over the next three weeks then I am in good shape to do well in Lidingö Loppet. Also, it should be said, that the A-Race this yearis merely a stepping stone to next year’s plans. Try to do a 4min/km Marathon and Cycle Vätternrundan in under 9 hours. With that in mind, it is important that I get through my A-Race fresh, take a small break and then start my focused running straight away…

Yasso attempt

I attempted a set of Yasso 800s on Friday – just to see where my fitness lies after the running in Finland. I decided to set 3:10 as the target time for the 800s and I reckoned I’d get to six before I failed. On the eight set I still had not failed a set but nonetheless I decided to call it a day since I had to go too deep to make the time.  I was happy with the level of fitness that this session showed – it’s a lot deeper than I thought. I’m well on my way to where I want to be in 91 days time.

I’ll try again in 4 weeks – by then I hope to be able to do six three minute 800s.

I didn’t make my 9 of 9…

…or anything like it. I was on a family holiday and to think that there would be nine runs in nine days was foolish in it’s inception and would have been selfish in practise. I also didn’t take my PS, so I’ll have to summarise how the training part of my holiday went.

  • Day 1, Run 2/9: 43:07
  • Day 2, No run
  • Day 3, Run 3/9: 32:45
  • Day 4->6: No Run
  • Day 7, Run 4/9: 53:38
  • Day 8, Run 5/9: 1:04.06

So, in total, 5 runs in 9 days – not too bad. Also worth noting: I started to run in my DS Racers – I’ve been reading a lot of rumours that training in racing flats can at best reduce injury rate or at least cause no additional injury. I’ll proceed with caution and report on any observations. I did feel a pain in the ball of my left foot after today’s long run – I’ll go back to the full fledged support of Kayano’s with custom orthotics and come introduce the DS R’s a little slower…

First of Nine

Nine what one might ask! I have decided that today is my first day of nine consecutive days running. Most of these runs will be relatively short and easy, they’ll aslo all be off road, so there is less of a chance of injury. As for the why: I’ll be in Finland on holiday and I’ll most likely have the time to do it. That’s a good enough reason for me.

If all goes well I might even have a double or two. Let’s hope that this is not just a fantasy post and the reality turns out to be two runs in 8 days… let’s see.


I got back on the bike again after an extended break – a break that was probably not needed – but I’d say it had a good effect on my fitness nevertheless. Today’s bike set had a little more work period than the previous sets:

  • 5 min w/u
  • 5 min mod-hard, 2 min rest
  • 10 min mod-hard, 3 min rest
  • 15 min (alt 3 min 95 rpm, 2 min 70 rpm) mod-hard, 2 min rest
  • 10 min mod hard, 2 min rest
  • Tabata-like sprints (4 minutes)
  • 2 min w/d

Below are two delta-plots: The top is delta HR from average; the bottom is delta Speed from average. This shows fitness depth. If HR goes up WRT average, then the speed should do the some. If not – fitness is lacking!


I did a 6 breath HRV test before and after – just to see if there were any differences. There was, and quite stark differences at that. Now I have to figure out what those differences mean!

Run Before/After

It’s now before the run:

I stated yesterday that I would like to go around in 66:20 – at the time that was ambitious.

It has been raining all day and, due the course conditions, I can’t realistically expect to get near that time – not that it was too realistic in the first plcace! So now, I will simply try to run as fast as the conditions allow. Aslo, I hope to have a flat HR graph. That is to say, that I will try to hold the same HR on the flat, uphill and down hills… let’s see what happens.


It’s now after and I’m absolutely gutted! It seems that I missed some of the course. After crossing the line in 62:25 I began to suspect something was wrong. I got home and checked an old Polar altitude plot of the course and see that I missed one hill – there is no fair way to exprapolate of assume what my time ‘would have been’. My time simply is a non-entity. All that effort – no result. The bright side is that I got some ‘racing time’ in my legs: that can only be a good thing.

Back on the Concept2

I will be running the Ursvik Xtreme tomorrow so did not want to run tonight. I also did not want to rest, so I did a relatively easy 60 minutes on the Concept2: av. HR: 148, Dist: 14350m, av. Power: 173W. I set a cap of 150 bpm that I only crossed a a couple of times – I don’t think I ever went over 151 bpm! By far the most controlled I have been on the rower.

I realise that this, along with last night’s cycle, is not the best preparation for a very tough 15km run tomorrow, but the fact is it is not one of my goals, so it gets no special treatment. I still intend to run all out, and also hope to run pretty well: 66:15  is 4:25/km – I’d be pretty happy with that!