60 min Swim TT

I decided to do this test today despite not having swam over 1500 continupus metres since late 2007. I’m not swim-fit, nor am I 60 minute fit for anyhting as far as I see it. Neertheless, I wanted to get an idea of where I am and what is possible for Vansbro Simmet in 7 weeks time.

4125m in 60 minutes

That’s 1:27.27/100m and extrapolates to a 55 minute Ironman. If would like to take 5 seconds/100m off that it would put me at 43900m for the hour and a 51 minute (non-drafting) Ironman swim.

Now that I know what I have, it’s time to figure out how to get what I want – or need. As I see it, I will only make two swims per week. One should be distance, the other should be speed – simple so far. I should also start using the stretch cords whenever possible: this should mean pretty much all the time, but to date, it has not worked out like that, however, now that I have a goal in sight, I should get them out more often. My arms are aching as I type – time to go.