Two definites and a maybe…

Definites#1: I trained hard last night

Definite#2: I am hurting as a result of #1

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea!

In addition to the sore throat I still have from yesterday, I now also have sore arms, legs and chest. However, the reason why I say that it was only ‘maybe’ a bad idea to train yesterday is that I don’t actually feel sick. This leads me on to my next decision in the current roller-coaster year I’m having: swim, run or rest? At the moment the three choices seem equally appealing, but I must wait and see how the body feels later on…

Sitting at home: Baby is sleeping and I’m waiting to be relieved of my duty so I can go training – If it’s not soon I’ll be too late to swim so I’ll have to run.

It was a run:

13,5km, 4:33/km, av. HR: 142, RI: 78

The Running index is a little unbelievable – 7 points up on last week – it could be that my HR is a little low from the hard training last night, that would make the RI higher. Anyway, I can call this Long Run 1 for Lidingö Loppet. What I’ll do is get the long runs up to 1:45 and hold them at that duration. Once I have built to 1:45, I’ll then start to add the race pace run to the weekly schedule. I’ll build that to 70 minutes. Half way through the race pace run build I’ll then add the track sessions. The plan is to build to a training crescendo on September 12th – the start of the taper.

There’s the small matter of Summer holidays in the middle of this – let’s see how I can juggle a family holiday around this plan.