A different Approach

This year’s running is turning into something new for me. At the moment it is pretty casual -which in itself is odd for me- but it is also relative fast… I’m not getting to train as much as I need or want so I’m compensating for this by hitting it pretty hard. Tonight’s run was only a measly 8.2km, but the middle 20 minutes of it was done at 4:02/km and the average for the set (including w/u and w/d) was 4:11.

I have no idea how this will help me in the long run, since 4:02 is neither my marathon or 10k pace, so I’m not at all sure if training at a speed that I will never use is any good. It’s time to re-read Jack Daniels and get some information,focus and a short-term goal…

Overall I feel generally very fit, just not specificaly fit – time to work on that.