Nice Run

I’m just back from an enjoyable and moderately quick 12km run. I didn’t know what I would do when I left the apartment, but I got running and soon decided to just run for about an hour. The first half hour I just ran  comfortably. After that I did 16 minutes pushing the pace a bit – still pretty comfortable. I then took it easy for the remaining 10 minutes.

  • 11.8km, av HR: 147, RI 71, av. Pace 4:30/km
  • Lap 1: 26:48, av. HR 140, av. Pace 4:38/km
  • Lap 2: 15:55, av. HR 155, av. Pace 4:11/km
  • Lap 3: 10:21, av. HR 151, av. Pace 4:44/km

Nice start to the week… I wonder if I will be able -in both senses of the word- to do Ursvik Extreme on Wednesday.