Cycle – but not really!

I’ve been doing some pretty high intensity training this week and I paid for it during my excuse for a cycle today… I just never felt good and decided to knock it on the head after only 50 minutes – the ride only totaled 1:20 with 4×9 minute intervals. I’ll say no more, rest up and reap the benefit of this fatigue when I recover from it.

Run tonight…

The most common fallacy that appears on these pages has long since become: “I plan to get a run in tonight.”  This fallacy is usually proceeded by the most common verity: “Didn’t get out for a run tonight…

Having said that, I feel quite sure when I say that I plan to get a run in tonight – and a long one at that: 80 minutes of run/walk at a pretty descent pace. One can only wait and see…

I ran, but not that far: time was not of the esscence. I did however run fast.

8 km fartlek running in 36 mins – av. HR 152

Legs felt tired and heavy, but the pace was good.

Swimming again

Back in the pool after a two week rest!

Stroke felt awkward – occasionally it felt smooth, but that was not the norm tonight. It was a technique based set, if I had seen it before going to the pool, I probably wouldn’t have gone.

  • 200w/u
  • 2×50 (one arm, glide, zipper)
  • 300 skull
  • 200 kick
  • 9×100 on 2:00 (100s in 1:30)
  • 4x 50 (25 easy/25 Hard)
  • 200 w/d

Last Row of the Year?

I might try the 15km/60min Concept2 row tonight – I’m enjoying my running so much now, I want to get the rowing challenge over and done with ASAP. Let’s see what happens.

Just back from the gym where I started out trying to break 15km in 60 min on the C2: Not even close! I started out on targat and after about 10 miutes at target pace I knew it was not to be – the fitness is not there for that sort of effort; It was pure fantasy to assume I could do it on that little training. Also, I have to admit, it would have been too easy – I wouldn’t have appreciated it if I made it today.

Anyway, after 10 minutes I decided to change the plan and ended up doing:

  • 15min at target pace (210W)
  • 5 min very easy (140W)
  • 15min at target pace (210W)
  • 5min very easy (140W)
  • 15min mod hard (185W)
  • 5min hard-very hard (200-230W)

Track II

Second trip to the track this year. A conservative approach was taken and the results were quite promising.

  • 2.4km w/u
  • 6×800 in 3:12 w/ 400m walk/jog between
  • 2.4km w/d

I could probably have done them quicker or done more, but the aim was not to  myself; it was just to give my legs a small taste of speed – hopefully today’s speed is a speed that will seem like child’s-play later in the Summer.


Missing days…

I’ve missed two planned workouts because of other commitments. Today managed to get 20 minutes of ‘home gym’ work done:

Press-ups, sit-ups, stretch cords, squats and something I’ll call inirtia pulls – I’ll probably explain this one some other time – I’m also hard pressed for time at this very moment!

Tomorrow’s plan is a run, but then again, so was yesterday and today…

Running again and LOVING IT!

I have no idea what happened over the past few months – probably the sickness, darkness, bitter cold among many other things, but my lack of desire to run has passed, or should I say: My desire to run has returned! I now can’t wait for my next run.

Here’s the info from today:

12.2km, av. HR: 148, av. Pace: 4:32/km, RI: 71

I’m going to find it very hard to get back into the gym after toniight. I reckon I’m only two weeks from hitting my Concept2 Goal of more than 15k in 60 minutes, so I should get that done and then get back to the running full time…. some cycling would also be nice… and swimming…

Not so gently down the stream…

Because of the way my timetable organised itself yesterday I had to skip my planned run -a common occurence these days!- and instead went back to the gym and rowed for one hour. As is now usual, I planned to just take it easy but after 2000m I got bored and created an interval set in my head that went as follows:

  • 2000m Easy
  • Watching the countdown timer, I did 12 HARD pulls on 50:00, 48:00, 45:00, 40:00, 38:00,35:00, 30:00, 28:00, 25:00
  • From 20:00 -> 0:00 I did 4x [3 minutes at 220W,2 mins 150-160W ]

Av. HR: 156, av. Power: 178W, Dist. 14369m

I can now see the possibility of reaching my 15000m/60min goal.

Rowing, Sauna and Science

I got sick of being sick and went to the gym with the intention of doing an easy 10k on the Concept2 rower. I did 10k, but it was far from easy:

  • First 4k Mod-Hard then
  • 8 x [ 200m Hard(230W+), 300 easy(160W) ],
  • 2x [ 400 Hard- (210W+), 600 Easy(165W),
  • Finish wit 7 Puls to max power (345W).

In the Sauna afterwards I was thinking about the current new fad: sauna as a recovery tool and I began to think about it… Possibly, the effect comes from the fact that the heart is pumping very hard to keep the body cool but the muscles are still. Perhaps this ‘free’ increase in circulation helps to repair the damage done in training. I’ll do some searching on the real answer – this was just my sauna thoughts, nothing more!

One last thing: I hope I didn’t make the wrong choice by training in a semi sick state… tick tock…