Marathon Replanning

I believe that this is my third time replanning this Marathon; a Marathon that will take place eight weeks from Saturday. Time is of the esscence and at this stage even my most secret thoughts do not think of running a PB. I am still hoping to go faster than the 3:15 I ran last year however, so the new plan -Plan III- is as follows:

Week 8 – 20 km run:walk 10:1, 10×800 on 3:15, 60 min w/ 20 min @ 4:20/km
Week 7 – 23 km run:walk 10:1, 10×800 on 3:15, 60 min w/ 2×15 min @ 4:20/km
Week 6 – 25 km run:walk 10:1, 10×800 on 3:10, 60 min w/ 30 min @ 4:20/km
Week 5 – 28 km run:walk 10:1, 10×800 on 3:10, 60 min w/ 2×20 min @ 4:20/km
Week 4 – 30km run:walk 10:1, 10×800 on 3:05, 60 min w/ 40 min @ 4:20/km
Week 3 – 30 km run:walk 20:1, 10×800 on 3:05, 60 min w/ 2×25 min @ 4:20/km
Week 2 – 30 km just run, 10×800 on 3:00, 60 min w/ 50 min @ 4:20/km

This looks quite aggressive, but if I survive it I think I’ll do ok out of it; It just remains to be seen if I have the fitness to start -and recover from- this program. At the first sign of trouble the 800s and the 4:20/km runs will be dropped – they will be replacd with either some easier running or rest as I see fit (or unfit!). The long runs are not negotiable, I’ll split them into double run days if I have to, but they must be done. That’s that … Now let’s see if there is a “Plan IV” coming soon.

I also managed to get a bit of training done today:

The usual 9.5k run that takes in the Ursvik 5k loop – ran with Richie and Johan. I should avoid training with anyone -especially these beasts- for a couple of weeks… The guys dealt me a rather large can of whoop-ass today; I hung on until about 2km to go on the 5k and then went BANG! That was me done for the day. Pace was too high, HR was too high and, if I am to be completely honest, my training load this week is also too high, considering I’m coming back from a two week sickness.

I may -just may- go swimming tonight… lets see what the body tells me later on.

I did go swimming in the end. It was pretty easy and my paces are not too bad considering the fact that a/ I have not swam for one month, b/ I have been sick for two weeks and c/ I am TIRED from the previous three days training. I’ll get some recovery in now and get ready for the long run on Friday. The swim set was:

  • 200 w/u
  • 12×50 technique
  • 300 skulling
  • 7×100 (1:27,1:30,1:30,1:32,1:34,1:34,1:34)
  • 6×50 max
  • 200 w/d

Back in the Gym

I won’t say I’m back, but I’m comming around. My second consecutive day training since my sickness seems to have gone pretty well. I did a controlled and reserved 60 minutes on the Concept2: 149 av. HR 14006m. Hopefully it wasn’t too stressful on the recovering body and I’ll be able to run tomorrow lunchtime and swim tomorrow night… Let’s see what a good night sleep does for me.

Back … knid of.

I’m slowly approaching the land of the living and thought tonight was as good a time as any to start some easy training. I got out and did an easy, controlled moderately paced 8,3km run and felt pretty good. I resisted the urge to go hard and I now hope that this is the first of many.

63 days to go the Stockholm Marathon – in that time, I realise, a good time cannot be done, but we’ll keep on truckin’ and see what transpires.

Still Sick

…and sick of it!

I’ve been getting upset about my inability to train. The polar watch on my left arm says -apart from the time and date- “66 Sthlm Mara”, which means that I have a Marathon to run in 66 days. Considering my current state -of health, fitness and general psychological- it does not look good for this marathon. My plan was to focus on Lidingö, but to be honest, I secretly hoped to do a pretty good Stockholm Marathon – that’s not going to happen now!

Bored, Sick, and Sick’n’tired of being both!

Back to the Track…

…which shows me how far off track I am.

I love the track – it’s a great leveler. There’s no hiding from the results that a session on the track can supply; There is little or no effect from the wind, there’s no hills, the surface is uniform – in other words, there’s no excuses. So today’s workout, which was planned as a tester, to see how far I am from where I should be, showed great big holes in my fitness.

I had planned to attempt 10×800/400m jog in  3:15/2:00

When I planned it, I thought I might be able to do 8×800; I wasn’t sure to be honest. I got there and started running and felt pretty good, and for a while I thought I’d finish the set… The third 800 was when it all began to go wrong and at the fifth I called it a day – kind of. I then decided to run 1600 at my marathon HR. This turned out to be 7:30, or 4:29/km. Not too good, but that’s where I am at the moment – there’s no hiding from it!

The good thing is that I think I might have come up with a good tracker workout:

10×800 on 3:00/2:00 followed by 1600 at Marathon HR

The first part of the test is based on pace, the second is based on HR – or how tired you are. I’ll see what kind of results it shows… Hopefully I can convince two or three other people to take the test and correlate our marathon times with the results.

Here’s today’s workout:


No Swimming

I had intended to swim tonight, especially since one of my new goals is a swimming goal. However, I had to stay minding the baby instead.

I put her to bed and decided to get the stretch cords and do a bit of training since I had the place to myself:

20 minutes of Stretch cords, sit-ups, push-ups and static squats – Doesn’t seem like much, but I feel very tight in what seems like every muscle from my stomach all the way up to my shoulders. That’ll do!

For no reason other than “Why the hell not” I decided to try a different pair of runners. I have been running on ASICS Gel Kayano for three years now and quite happily so. I just thought I’d see what the competition has to offer. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll happily return to my old brand of choice. I did a similar thing with Polar once but quickly returned. I didn’t then -and don’t now- think it a waste either; I think it’s good to remind yourself every now and then that you have made the corect choice.

These are the shoes that I’m trying out.

Adidas Adistar Salvation

Time to decide on Goals

My training has been a mess this year.
I finally discovered; without goals, I am without focus.

So, the time has come -again- to decide on what to do. The story so far:

Running has been an on-again, off-again hobby; I am too late in my training to do anything descent in Stockholm Marathon, so, decision one becomes: Just get around Stockholm Marathon – if I feel like it on the day.

Decision two is to use Stockholm Marathon -or not- as a springboard to fitness towards my main goal of Sub 2:10 in Lidingö loppet. Since there is a long time between Shlm Marathon and Lidingö, I should also consider trying to get a good 10k time – something that has elluded me up to now.

In addition to those goals, I also want to get over 15,000m in one hour on the Concept2 and I want to swim 1500 LCM in under 20 minutes (in a wetsuit)…. that’s all!

So in short:

  1. Lidingo Loppet – Sub 2:10
  2. Sub 00:37 10k
  3. Swim 1500 LCM sub 00:20
  4. 15,000m in 60min on the C2
  5. Get to the finish line of Stockholm Marathon injury free.

So, that’s quite a good list. Now, today’s choice: where to begin; Gym or Run? We’ll see what opportuntiy presents itself…

A question -and subsequent answer- just struck me as I was sitting back and admiring my lovely new goals: How did I get into this mess? And I think I have the answer: Since January I have been literally devouring fiction – and in the preceding three or four years I have read mostly fact. I believe that the state of mind that fiction -or any ‘artistic’ endavour- puts me in is notcompatible to my will to train. Or to put it annother way: My reaction to art causes an inverse reaction to training.

While I’m on the subject, I’m currently reding Don Delillo’s “Falling Man” and enjoying it very much. I haven’t read him for a while and an wondering now why not… I may just have to work my way through his whole bibliograbhy.

I’m just back from the gym; 1 hour on the Concept2

  • av. HR: 155
  • 14120 m
  • av. Power: 168w
  • Stroke rate 22

Day off, but with some thoughts…

I took a day off after my return to training after my sick week. I probably did too much on that day, so I thought a rest day -and now two- was necessary.

I have just read AC’s latest blog entry over there on EC and found a snippet that I really like:

…every athlete has a limit to the training load that they can absorb at any one point in the training season. It is important to note/realize that this number, of what the athlete can absorb over a long term period is significantly less than what the athlete can do over a short term period...

I find AC can be over analytical at times, focusing heavily on the numbers; Perhaps, when the numbers become second nature to you, they don’t cloud the point they are trying to get across; the point being Alan’s quote above.

I always thought that my simple training philosophy was sufficient and concise:

Specificity, Progressive Overload, Consistency or SPOC

Now however, after reading the excerpt above, I find mine lacking… back to the drawing board.