Back on the Bike


I’m having trouble getting into the training this year: I had three days off after my return to training – a return was way too hard in intensity.
Last night I set up the bike in the living room, put on the Giro d’Italia DVD and cycled. I planned to just take it easy for one hour but got bored and then started to do hard efforts during the lead outs for the sprints… These varied from 3-5 minutes a piece and by the time I was 40 minutes into the session I was pretty much fried. From there I just held a steady effort and cadence for the remaining 20 minutes and called it a day.
I’ll try to focus on the bike this week and see what sort of form I can get from it. If I do and hour a day Monday->Thursday and then the 3 hours spinning on Saturday that would be my longest cycling week in two years… lets see what happens.