Ice Bike

I got out on the cyclocross bike again today. It was very icy, and thus very scary. There were a couple of sections were I got off the bike and walked – I’m really not sure how far I can push it on the ice, but since I’m the wrong side of 30, my method is not so gung-ho, it’s a case of, if it looks dangerous, then it probably is.

Anyway, I got 2:30 of pretty good training done, which I was pretty happy with.

Long Run II

I just finished my second long run of the Stockholm Marathon Training Program; a program that is currently running five weeks behind schedule.

There are lots of negative things I could say about the run, however, I suppose it’s best to focus on the positive, which was;

Despite wanting to quit after 30 minutes, I managed to do 90 minutes of running totaling 19.5km.

This was done using 10:1 run:walk and every bit of will power I could muster… it was also done at the slowest pace I’ve seen on my watch for a number of years; the only way is up from here.

One necessity:

To recover.

One certainty:

The next run will be better.

Wetsuit Time

There was a 1500m test swim today so I decided to take along my wetsuit; my first time wearing one since August 2007.

I managed to do the 1500 in 21:03 – that’s just under a minute off my best and 1:04 outside my golden target of sub-20:00… I wonder if I will ever do it.

One thing I did notice about the wetsuit is that my triceps are very very sore – I’m obviously engaging them differently in the wetsuit – the thing is, is that the correct way, or is the way I engage them without the wetsuit the correct way? The things that one can wonder about when they have time!

Tomorrow’s plan is a long run – there is plenty of snow about, so I’m not looking forward to it one bit; I really have to do it though. The Stockholm Marathon plan is becoming a bit of a joke at this stage.

Back in the Gym

I eventually decided to join my local gym again – for a full year this time. Because of a downpour of snow I decided to skip the planned bike ride and instead, go to the warm confines of the gym…

I hadn’t been in a gym for over two months and I behaved like it was a regular part of my training routine:

10k on the Concept 2 in 42:09

20 minutes of relatively heavy weights

12 minutes of running on legs that were long since dead.

I usually suffer from muscle soreness 36 hours after a bout of exercise that I’m not used to – It’s now 8 hours after the gym and I’m pretty stiff; I have made a silly mistake. I hope it doesn’t take me too long to recover from the consequences.

I’m doing some stupid things this year; like intervals and hard sessions without any base. If I recover from this week – or if indeed there are no consequences, I will refrain from such stupidity for at least six weeks: I should know better than this.

Last year my main goal was not to get injured, it seems that the success of that goal has gone to my head. Now it’s time to reinstate that goal:

Goal 1 2009: “I will not get injured this year!”

Speaking of goals, it’s time to decide on this years other goals. I’ll get them down sometime this week.

The list still contains the following:

Sub 2:55 Marathon

Sub 2:15 Lidingöloppet

Sub 1:20 Half Mara

Sub 36 min 10k

Sub 10:00 IM

Sub 4:30 HIM

Sub 20 min 1500m swim

Sub 2:05 Olympic Tri

Sub 60 min 40k TT

Do a 10k open water swim

Do an ultra marathon (50k)

Most of these are unattainable, I’ll probably have to adjust the times to suit my ever progressing age… because I don’t have the time focus on more than one or two a year.

Short and Sweet

Johan, Richie and I did a short sharp interval set during lunch today. Five efforts, with the aim of holding pace for the five; as should be the aim for any good interval set.

We did what we set out to do and were suitably tired afterwards. Now it’s time for me to swim – which could be a bit much for today…

…Just back from swimming: tough, tough, tough!

200 w/u

4×50 technique

500 mod-hard (7:33)

10×100 best sustainable pace, start 2:30

300 w/d

This really hurt me – my first 100 was 1:18, my last was 1:29 – that’s a big drift!

Time to rest.

More Running

Against my better judgement I went running at lunchtime with Richie.

I spent the entire morning assessing my physical state and eventually came to the hard fought conclusion that I was not in a fit state to run. Approximately three minutes after making this decision Richie approached my desk and asked if I was running – ‘Yes’ was my immediate reply!

The run was tough on the legs and my heart rate was showing numbers way below my perceived effort; that’s a sign of stress. I fell asleep while I was waiting to go swimming tonight: that was probably a good thing… It’s time to rest and recover for another days training.

Running Again

I did my first long run in a long time today – it was long overdue; Stockholm Marathon is only 104 days away. Based on my only sub-3 hour marathon that I know works I’m about 3 to 4 weeks behind schedule.

I ran 16km tonight using a 10:1 run:walk protocol – I think that is going to be the only way I’ll get back on track -distance wise- and remain injury free. I’ll get back to the gym on Wednesday, run a couple more times this week and see where I stand after that… tick tock, goes my Marathon clock!

The numbers from tonight:

15.9 km, 143 av. HR, 4:53 min/km (that’s including the walking)

I have been really enjoying the cycling that I have been doing instead of the running I should have been doing!

CX Bike again

Got out again on the CX bike – it was great. I’ll admit that I felt yesterday’s cycle in my legs but I managed to get 48km with a respectable effort. It was -5 C today and even if my legs were feeling up to it, I don’t think my hands and feet could have taken much more time outside!

I also learned a few things about the studded tires and what they are capable of:

On asphalt – pretty good

On compact snow – great

On gravel – not too bad

On soft snow – OK, but it is a bit like skiing

On hard compact shiny ice – Lethal!

I stayed upright and hope I can manage to keep it like that for the coming months.

A long time Coming

I waited until the weather fot to -5 degrees before I took the CX bike out. There were a couple of flaws in the build that were discovered very quickly:

Saddle too high – quite normal

BB was loose – this surprised me, not like me to do that!

Front derailleur wouldn’t shift up – also out of character.

I’ll fix them all and go out again tomorrow.

The cycle by the way was slow slow slow. According to the Polar I only averaged 21km/k over 41km… I don’t believe that. I’m going to wear the GPS sensor tomorrow and get a proper measurement of the distance… 21km/k – that’s probably the slowest EVER average speed I’ve had on any bike in over a decade!