Swim tonight. Test set 5×200 max effort on 5 mins – not the best way to return to swimming. The freshness vs fitness really shows: 2:45 for the first 200 vs 2:59 for the last… All in all, the previous two days would not be considered the ideal return to training!

Quick Run

I headed out for a run tonight feeling lethargic and assuming that the run would be short and slow. Once I got running I started to feel great. I ended up doing 5.5km at 4:33/km with an average HR of 148. Very happy with a solid run that is finaly approaching required distance for the soon to be manditory weekly long run


Did a quick run today, quick in both meanings of the word. 35 minutes with 3 intervals at threshold:
Interval 1: 6 mins, 3:49/km, av. HR 159, max. HR 167
Interval 2: 4 mins, 4:05/km, av. HR 162, max. HR 168
Interval 3: 7 mins, 4:13/km, av. HR 163, max. HR 170
Two minutes between the intervals made the session a pretty hard one.

Three Hours Spinning

Spinning this morning… I ,not surprsisingly, found it very tough. My heart rate was low and my perceived exertion was high. Still, I won’t become obsessed with numbers in January – I’ll just do the hours and worry about the numbers as the season approaches. I plan on doing one more hard week and then I can ake a bit of a rest. Althouh I’m most certainly fatigued from two relatively tough weeks of training, I’m begining to feel fit again.


Just back from swimming and I’m pretty happy. A short yet tough set:

  • 200 w/u
  • 4×50 technique
  • 4×50 speed test
  • 100 easy
  • 6×100 max on 5:00 (1:16,1:18,1:19,1:19,1:20,1:19) 200 easy

More Snow Running

More running in the snow. I don’t like it at all. It’s slow, slippery and most likely does not use the same muscles as regular running does. I have a strange sensation in my left knee in the morning now, probably as a result of the instability during thes cursed snow running… Roll on spring!