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Big Day

Biggest day in a long time today.

Started with a new PB on NICK trail – Not just a PB, but an almost four minute PB on a time that was an outlier last year. Pleasantly surprised. It’s a time I never believed I was capable or. Now of course I believe I can do much better! Typical eh?

I then thought that my training was going to be blocked once I got home so I did a 30 minute swim in ACTIC. Just swam. No sets.

FInally, my neighbor managed to convince me to doing a swimrun with him. We went out and did an hour that consisted of around 900m swimming and eight kilometers of running. Total distance was 9km.

Borås swimrun is 34km in total. So we did 26% of the race and it was pretty easy.

Could I do it 4 times? I suppose so.
Could I do it 4 times at that pace? Probably.

Swim and Sweet Spots

Did a swim after work. Moderate pace and the start with come quite descent 100s and 200s at the end.

After an hour of procrastination I managed my best ever performance on the sweet spots today. Felt strong throughout but really had to dig on the last one – what’s good is that the last one was the 6th one. It’s too late to type any more for now. I may do more tomorrow.

Splits Today (Av. Power):
246W, 243W, 245W, 245W, 246W, 262W

Last Sessions (Newest on top):
234W, 234W, 237W, 234W, 233W
234W, 229W, 235W, 235W, 249W
226W, 227W, 225W, 229W, 225W, 242W
236W, 238W, 239W, 239W, 264W
229W, 228W, 231W, 229W, 258W
226W, 221W, 225W, 228W, 246W
223W, 225W, 227W, 228W, 240W

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 23.15.26

Higher power numbers are good. But there’s also this:



I went swimming with the club again. Once again I left angry. The new ‘coach’ they hired is nothing more than a swimsmooth shill. The amount of equipment on the poolside is embarrassing – even for a triathlete. There is honestly no way to get out of the pool mid-session because of all the shit piled up around the blocks. Pull-buoy, paddles, fins, bands, water bottles and beepers. I ignored the shit as much as possible and kept quiet until I saw the main set: 800m, set your beeper at something speed + 5 etc… I looked around, waiting for people to say – “hey coach, what the fuck is this all about” but no, they each took out their beepers and off they went.

After 12 years it’s probably time to leave the club.

Despite the planned training set, I managed to get a good session done. The 800m beeper set I swam without the beeper and held 1:32/100m – pretty ok considering I’m not swimming very much these days.

Today I’ll probably hit the trainer… try a 40:20 VO2 set maybe,

Monday – Tuesday

Several things didn’t go as planned over the last few days. Firstly, the spike in ATL I usually observe and experience on Sunday didn’t transpire. As far as I knew my training was as focused and intense as previous weeks but the Performance Curve showed that not to be the case. Secondly, I backed up my Friday-Sunday training block quite miserably. A 40 minute Swim on Monday and a 60 minute gym session tonight.

The gym session was kicked off with a 5km Concept2 warm-up and then leg focus at the gym. It was difficult. I’m back on the free weights for squatting and I really feel the difference now. Legs are very sore.

Tow observations from the past two days. I’ve been swimming too easy lately. Too much time away from the club has caused me to settle into this easy swimming technique. It has been noticed and now will be stopped. Secondly, the power of the warmup. I was feeling bad tonight when I started to row. I ignored it, kept the pace easy and my legs came good. This was the same on Saturday – I felt bad on the bike but did an extended warm-up and felt great. Perhaps it’s the phase of fitness and fatigue that I am currently at. Warm-ups might be necessary from now on.

Tomorrow will be a swim and perhaps an outdoor run tonight. Thursday will be sweet spots… lots of them.


Went to triathlon swim training tonight. First time in a long time… I don’t actually remember when (I’m going to start tracking it from now on with an ‘SCT’ tag).

Had I read the club’s Facebook page I wouldn’t have gone because there was a CSS test tonight. 400m & 200m max test. I’m glad I went because now I have a baseline of my swim (un)fitness. I can safely say it’s the worst it has been in probably 8 or 9 years.

What’s good is that I know it and the only way is up.

Tomorrow is weights, swimming and probably some indoor cycling.

Swim #2

Had no plan today until I got a phone call to go swimming . I was feeling sluggish so had decided that 30 minutes would be plenty. Got in, just swam and like yesterday the time flew. It was fairly effortless too. 2400m in 40 minutes. I need not book my place on the Olympic trials yet but I’m feeling good.

Tonight I’ll be very busy at home. When I’m finished all my duties I might sneak out for a quick run – maybe even a roller session.

Plod – Splash

Knee has been great so I decided to test it out. 30 minutes with the last 20 alternating 3min @ 14km/h, 2min @ 15km/h. Easy enough and felt good. Happy with that.

I then jumped into the pool; the first time there in over two weeks. It went as expected. Not easy after 3 minutes and then I settled into a rhythm after a while.

Feeling a little stiff now.


I had a chance to get a bonus training session during my daughter’s swim class. There were two crawl lanes open and I got the chance to do a quick swin:

2450m in 39 minutes.

Just swam. Varied the pace a little. Feeling good.

Back it up

I had barely three hours rest after the sweetspot interval session and I found myself in the pool in Sundbyberg.
I actually intended on going to the gym to do a leg-day but it was closed. I was about to go home and decided to do a short swim. Jumping in I had absolutely no plan – I was going to do a 200m warm-up and then decide what I would do based on how I felt. As it happened I felt pretty well and didn’t stop after 200, or 400 or 2000 for that matter. I finally stopped when I began to feel fatigue such that my technique was effected. That turned out to be after 3150m.

Big day for me: 61 minutes on the bike and 51 minutes swimming.