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FTP Test #3

It’s been exactly six weeks since my last FTP test. Well that’s a lie… It’s been less than an hour! But the test before that was six weeks ago. I wasn’t looking forward to it, I was pretty sure that I wasn’t fresh enough for it but even with that I managed to put out a descent performance.

This time out it was as follows:
NP 277W ,av. P 277W ,av. HR 169, max HR 182

Last time it was:
NP 264W ,av. P 265W ,av. HR 158, max HR 172

Giving me an FTP of 263W – 12W in 6 weeks. Not so bad.
Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 12.13.52


So, with a test every 6 weeks, the results have been(20 min av. Power): 252W, 265W, 277W – very steady increase. I’m pretty happy with that.

The flip side of this is that all my standard VO2 and Sweet Spot sets get harder again.

My sweet spots are now at 218w -> 255w
My 12 x 0:30 @ 130% FTP are now at 341W
My 2:00 VO2 max intervals are now at 302W… ouch!


FTP Test Done

My legs weren’t feeling fresh in the warmup and I had negative thoughts creeping around my head.

I put on some good music, did some very hard efforts in the warmup and just hit the test HARD,

As soon as I started I began to feel positive. Time management went well and if anything I’d say I went a little too easy since I was able to significantly up he power for the last 2 minutes.

New FTP came out at 252W
Up from 239W on 2015-12-07

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 08.05.50

13 Watts in 6 weeks. Not so bad at all. I’ll be very surprised if I manage to get another 13 Watts between now and my next test on March 1st.

Time will tell. It always does.

Going to bed happy now.

The bad news is that all my training zones have just shifted up so training gets harder now.