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Big Day

Had a pretty big day today – considering it was a weekday and I’m busy at work.

I started by sneaking home during lunch and doing 5×9:00 Sweet Spot session . This was my first time doing the session with my new FTP and I definitely noticed the difference; it had been getting too easy before my last FTP test.

Had I the time I would have done 6×9:00 but I didn’t, so I didn’t.

Moving along to the evening, I had spare time so I paid a visit to the gym and did some pulling.

First I did an easy 5km on the Concept2.

Then I did a not easy 20 minutes on the SkiErg.

I think it’s only my third time ever on the SkiErg… the first two times left me somewhat scarred. Being tired tonight made me just take it easy. So I wasn’t stressed and quite enjoyed it. Embarrassingly so, but in the interests of full disclosure, I managed to pull myself a mere 4166m in 20 minutes. That’s not only not good, it’s on the bad side of ‘pretty bad’.

Job done.


Friday I was tired… very tired. A rest was overdue even though I have done less than four hours training this week. All training was pretty intense.

Last night I broke my rest with a 1×20 Turbo set.

10 minutes w/u with two 450W 30 second surges
20 minutes @ 246W average
3 minutes w/d

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 11.17.15

After failing this set on Wednesday I was not looking forward to it. It turned out to be pretty manageable; not exactly easy, but I didn’t feel too shelled afterwards.

This morning -first thing- I was out on the XC Skis for a beautiful, sunny and solid 13km. Average HR was 150bpm which tells me that my technique was not stopping me from putting an honest effort in. First ski of the year and most definitely not the last. Time will now tell how I’ll recover from a difficult 12 hours.


Mid February is pretty late for my year’s debut on the skis, but that’s what it was tonight. I have been putting this off for over a week now and almost wish that I had put it off for longer. I did 12km at a snail-like 5:24/km. I believe the slothenly pace was partly due to incorrect wax choice and technique and my lack of skiing technique. After arriving home I considered going for a run because I found the 63 minutes none too taxing. I decided to take a sauna instead.

XC Ski

Went out on the skis this morning for a quick 10km slide around the forrest. I found it very difficult, most likely because of the two days swimming. Felt a little dizzy after. Still – it’s done now!

Training hit-rate for 2011: 5/6 – 83%

New Year, new goals

The new year has begun and, training wise, it has been good: So far my training success rate is 66,66% – quite a lot better than last year. We did our 4th annual run/ice-dip on new year’s day: a 46 minute solid run, quick sauna, a dip in the zero degrees Celsius water and promptly back into the sauna… an amazing way to start the year!

Yesterday was a zero – too much going on all together.

Today I got out on the skis for 70 minutes; I think I did 12-14km at a good effort. Technique is getting better on both the uphills and the down. Soon I’ll be able to give it full gas the whole way around the 10km track… I’m going to summarise my dismal year 2010 soon and make a plan for 2011.

Back to back days

I’ve trained two days back to back.

Last night I ran for the first time in six weeks – it was an interesting experience. I started out running as fast as I did when I last ran… I was probably cruising at 4:00/km and feeling great. Five of six minutes into the run I got a stabbing pain in the lateral side of the ankle joint; around the tarsal area. I stopped and stretched it out and after a few stretches and easy jogging the pain subsided. Five minutes later I got the same pain in the right foot!

I cut the run short at 33 minutes.

Today I got out on the skis for my longest session so far this year: 1:17 of moderately hard going.

Tonight I’ll do some weights if I get the chance.

More Skiing

Today I did the usual amount of skiing: 64 minutes. The difference this time is that it was a sustained effort for the entire duration. The 12km track has few steep hills and the track is in ski-able condition for the entire lap; for that reason I am extremely tired! Unfortunately, I won’t get the chance to train for at least two more days so I’ll have time to absorb what I have done today.

More Skiing

I’m not managing to find a new training routine for the winter… I’m going to have to get out on the skis at least twice a week and I’ll need to get some other training in. Last week after my ski I cycled a longer route to work and took it hard – only 35 minutes but better than the 12 minutes easy cycling I now do.

Tonight I got on the skis again and did  about 65 minutes of solid skiing. My head torch died on me early on so I was confined to the floodlit track after that. After 45 minutes of skiing I decided to do a few hill-reps. I did the stat/finish hill 5 times t a good effort. I wasn’t tired after the hour but lets see what tomorrow brings.

XC Ski #3

Third ski of the year and tonight I had grip for the first time this year! I did 65 minutes of skiing that ended with a pretty hard effort on the 5k. The good news is that my rib felt not too bad. The bad news is that the 5k took me 28 minutes!

I still have the goal of going under 20 minutes for the 5k and that still seems realistic. The 8 minutes can be made up with a little fitness gain and a lot of technique gains.