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Hills and Run-Bike

Two days, two training sessions and three activities.

Starting to work on a big overload period. Eight days of overload remaining. Then a rest, a small overload and a 3 day taper.

Today’s session was a 30 minute run directly followed up by 30 minutes on a spinning bike.

The 30 minute run felt good. Solid pace good legs.
I had no pan when I jumped on the spinning bike. I did a moderately hard 10 minutes and then switched into 20 minutes of 0:40 hard, standing, 0:20 easy grinding a very low cadence.

As if that wasn’t enough – and it wasn’t – I then got on the rollers at 10:10 last night and did 10 minutes at  210w + followed by the 0:40/0:20 VO2 max session. To make it interesting I didn’t look at the computer; I just went on time and feel. Numbers were good – a little up and down but no fade throughout the set. Happy with that!It looked like this:


VO2 Max

My power numbers are so low that it seems just plain wrong to use the word “Max”, nevertheless the power meter keeps me honest and the set was most definitely difficult. So much so that I wanted to quit after six intervals.

The set was
5:00 w/u
10 x 2:00 @ 274W on 1:00 RI
5:00 w/d

Intervals averaged 272W which is just over 113% of FTP – that pots me smack in the middle of my VO2 Max zone (254-288W).


Glad I did it.
Average power for each 2:00 Interval: 272, 272, 272, 272, 273, 268, 270, 270, 271, 277
I doubt I could have been more consistent with an ergo trainer.

A little bit of intensity

I did a small bit of relatively high intensity work during the weekend.

Friday I did a treadmill run where I varied the pace between 14,4km/h and 16km/h for 30 minutes:

4:30 @ 14,4km/h
0:30 @ 16km/h
1:30 @ 14,4km/h
0:30 @ 16km/h
2:00 @ 14,4km/h
1:00 @ 16km/h
4:30 @ 14,4km/h
1:30 @ 16km/h
3:00 @ 14,4km/h
1:30 @ 16km/h
3:00 @ 14,4km/h
2:00 @ 16km/h
2:00 @ 14,4km/h
3:00 @ 16km/h

Then I backed it up with a 30 min swim.

Sunday was a test run followed by a 20 minute swim.
The test was a simple 42 min run:
First 40 minutes @ 14,2km/h, take a lap every 10 minutes. Plot the Av. HR and 10 minute HR and drift.
Last two minutes; run like you stole something.

I then only had time for a 20 minute swim. Great result in the swim – It was 4 seconds/100m faster than my previous swims this year. My first step-up in swimming performance this year.

If I can find the time I will do an EASY 10km row today.

No Plan

Didn’t have a plan today. Mid afternoon I decided that I should probably do a turbo set again tonight. Leaving work I decided to pop into the gym and do a swim. Once I got in there i didn’t feel like swimming and jumped on the treadmill instead. I did a tough 26 minutes:
4 min w/u
7 x [2:min @ 3:38/km, 1 min @ 4:55/km]
1 min w/d

I then headed straight to the pool but still could find no love for swimming. I did a tabatha type set and climbed out after just under ten minutes.

Not a great day of training.

100 Days

100 days remaining before specific preparation for Stockholm triathlon begins. Today I did a short but pretty intense session at the gym.
30 minutes on the treadmill as follows:
5 min w/u
4 x [ 4:00 @ 3:34/km, 1 min @ 5:25/km ]
5 min @ 3:34/km
2 min cool down

Then directly over to the concept2 for 10 minutes of steady rowing.

Straight into the pool for 17 minutes of varied swimming. Kick, deMont and fast crawl.

Busy day

I started by runnig to work – the shortest possible route. It took only 17 minutes and I’m not sure if it counts.

I skipped lunchtime training -again- so I took a longer route home. 49 minutes in total and I must admit, I didn’t feel relaxed at all. I’m failry convinced that all the cycling stiffens up my running stride. My working assumption is that I just have to adapt to doing the two sports again and I’ll have my groove back.

Evening time came and I had the opportunity to train again; I couldn’t not take the oportunity and climbed abord the trainer and bashed out the following:

10min 5 x [1min mod-hard, 1 min easy]
10min 3 x [2 min big gear@ 64rpm, 1 min spinn @ 100 rpm] + 1 min easy
10min 1 x [spinning at 105-110 rpm w/ >120rpm for the last 10 seconds of each minute]
1 min rest
4 min Tabata interval

I think I should enter Stockholm Triathlon – just the sprint. I could do pretty well I think.


Night Runner

Once again the clock had almost struck ten by the time I got the opportunity to go out for a run, so out I went and ran for around an hour. 35 minutes into the run I passed my local 366m track and decided to do a few sets:
3×400 on 2:00 (1:18, 1:19, 1:21)
2:00 RI
2×800 on 4:00 (2:53, 2:50)
Then a 12 minute run home to a shower and sauna.