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Mystery Swim

I have swam less this year than any year since I began doing triathlons 7 years ago. Despite this, a 1500m test swim I did today resulted in a 40 second PB (22:40). In 2006, when I swam more than ever in my life, a year when I came top 50 in Vansbrosimmet, I swam my previous non-wetsuit PB of 23:20 – What is going on here?
I can only assume that the time on the Concept2 is where those forty seconds were earned. My swim technique is good enough -I use this term very lightly- so that an increase in strength resulted in an improvement in swim times – that, or something else that I can’t think of. Compounding this mystery is the fact that I did not feel fresh today: for a while I considered not swimming so that I could go to bed early!
I’ll accept the result go to bed happy and try to dream of a swim related goal…