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Low on Energy and Drive

Really not feeling the best these days. I managed to string together two ten hour weeks – that’s something I’ve not done in a long time. Bike strength is my main reason for concern. I don’t feel strong. The four most recent rides have been on the back of four other hard days – I’m going to give myself that as an excuse. So next up is to rest and then go out and scorch the bike and feel strong again.


I still want to get the weight training done.

And the swimming.

And the running.

And I want to feel like a god on the bike,

Something might be not doable here.

Anyway, now that I have seen the light, I can say what I did today.
Started with a two and half hour sluggish yet enjoyable MTB ride on Fornstigen trail. Slow, slippy at time but nice.

Then lunch, jobs around the house and a short run: 8.5km @ 4:25/km . Probably the first real running pace I’ve displayed all year.

Tomorrow I’ll do something too. Bike in the morning, swim during lunch and do weights later in the evening… or something else… or perhaps nothing.



Run, Lift and Rest

After Saturday and Sunday cycling I should have had a complete rest today. Though, following my new ‘cycle every day’ plan I should have been on the bike. I did neither. I did a pre-work gym session during which I ran for 30 minutes and then did 20 minutes of primarily leg strength training.

Today I’m in pain. It’s most likely from the running. Today I’ll ride the bike though… and try to keep riding it every day until I go to Edinburgh.

Not so long to go now.
The hard groundwork is done.
Keep the fire burning.

Tried and Died

I attempted to back up yesterday’s ride with a longer yet similarly fast ride today. The legs were having none of it. Bad feelings in my legs though there’s a chance that it was at least partly mental. I could probably have gone harder and faster… and longer. I didn’t, didn’t and didn’t so that’s the way it is.

I have a plan.
A plan that can only fail.
It can fail so badly that it’s nearly worth trying.
What’s this plan?
Cycle every day between now and Edinburgh.
In addition to the cycling, swim and run twice a week too.
In addition to that. Do three weight sessions.

See what I mean.
It’s so definitely going to fail that I have to do it.

Tune in tomorrow to see if day one is a fail.

I’m not posting today’s ride. It was shite.

Easy Time

I’ve been very dedicated for the past few months… no breaks. Just a day here and there to unload some extreme fatigue. Time for that break as come. I’m on a total day off today after having two easy days before that. The hope is that I will feel like superman tomorrow and begin my final build for Lidding MTB race. Just 31 days to go. Those 31 days will be interrupted by Gerry’s birthday… The plan is to completely burry myself before that. Recover, and do whatever I have to do at that party, recover some more and then do a tough 4 days and then taper.

The big push starts tomorrow.

Thinking Some More

I’ve been thinking further on the ‘wall’ I’ve been hitting lately with regards to my cycling performance. From a purely training metrics perspective I have become stagnant. In addition to the stagnant metrics there is also a problem from with the sensations I have been experiencing during the sessions. They feel damn hard!

Of all the methods to combat this I see three leaders:

1/ Keep on truckin’ and push through that wall.
2/ Take a rest – come back fresher and stronger.
3/ Change something (Swap out the sweet spots for longer intervals – 2×20? and Add more VO2 max sessions.)

I’ll read, think and ask my peers over the next few days. The positive side is that my motivation is still good;  there’s no way I could have finished last night’s session if that wasn’t the case. I REALLY pushed through discomfort in that session.

Rest Day

Monday was rest day. Having trained eight times in five days I planned in a rest day… when that rest day came around though I still felt the need to train. Twice during the day I was ‘on my way’ do do some training. The first time I resisted the urge, the second time I got distracted and ended up missing the time window. I’m glad I did because now that I sit here and rest, I can feel that I need the rest. I’m damn tired.

Tomorrow will be a double day. Swim and something else. It all depends how the day works out. As for the week, I have the bike sessions dialed in for now:
Sweedspot session on Wednesday.
VO2 Max session on Friday or Saturday.
Long ride on the MTB on Sunday.
I’d like to keep two fairly good runs going too.Two weight sessions and a swim or two… how many is that?
Oh, did I mention the SkiErg and Concept2 sessions?
Time … the eternal problem.


Work Got Me

I was doing great.
Finally got my CTL over 40.
Then got stuck working a 12 hour day and dropped back to a CTL of 38,6.

Work is still pretty crazy but I’ll try to sneak away for an hour during lunch.

Let’s see how the day goes.


Another Week Done

Another week done. Happy with what I got done in that week.

An FTP test that showed a 13W improvement in 5 weeks.
A tough VO2 max interval set based on that new FTP.
A long bike ride on the MTB.

What wasn’t a success was:
Only one weight session – and not a very good one either.
Only one run, no outdoor run.
No swim.

Next week I will still do three bike sessions.
I’ll do at least one swim.
At least one outdoor run.
At least 40 minutes of strength training.

That should put me over six hours for the week.

103 days to go until Lidingö MTB.
6 more days until I start my build – training will get more focused, more specific, more serious.



Rest and a small project

Yesterday I had a rest… a little over six hours last week may not seem like much but the Saturday-Sunday back to back bike sessions finished me off.

I did a small project in the spare time I had. Bought a thermos flask, cut the top off an old water bottle and put the two together. Now I have a warm drink bottle that will fit in the bottle cage.




Saturday morning is forecast to be -5 C so I can give it a test then.

Today I will most likely do an FTP test.