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Keep Moving

Gym again tonight… not planned but my other plans were squeezed out by work. First up was a run – My legs are quite sore from last nights weights so I had no idea how I would feel. Starting out I felt ok and I actually felt better and better as the run continued. After 10 minutes I changed the incline from 1% to 2% and, despite it taking a little more effort to run, it felt better. More stable and it seemed that it made me use my quads more. Hard to describe but I’ll probably be running at 2% from now on.

After that I decided to do a 5km row in the Concept2. Started out very easy and feeling very bad. Just like yesterday it came good and I did the last 2km @ under 2:00/500m. 50 minutes training for the day – enough to count but not enough to increase specific fitness.

Tomorrow is a long sweet spot session and a short swim. Swim is planned during work so I very much doubt that I’ll be able to do it. Nonetheless I’ll plan for it.

Feeling good and making progress.
51 days to Lidding MTB… getting close.

Leg Day

Went to the gym tonight. Because of the sensation I felt in my knee last time I decided to adjust the session a little. No running for a week and no free-weight squats for a week or two.

Instead I started with a very easy 5km row and then absolutely blasted my legs.

I won’t write the boring details but I don’t expect to be walking correctly tomorrow. I also did some chin ups as my one and only upper body exercise.

The rowing and lifting came in just under one hour but I feel absolutely cooked.


Big Day

Had a pretty big day today – considering it was a weekday and I’m busy at work.

I started by sneaking home during lunch and doing 5×9:00 Sweet Spot session . This was my first time doing the session with my new FTP and I definitely noticed the difference; it had been getting too easy before my last FTP test.

Had I the time I would have done 6×9:00 but I didn’t, so I didn’t.

Moving along to the evening, I had spare time so I paid a visit to the gym and did some pulling.

First I did an easy 5km on the Concept2.

Then I did a not easy 20 minutes on the SkiErg.

I think it’s only my third time ever on the SkiErg… the first two times left me somewhat scarred. Being tired tonight made me just take it easy. So I wasn’t stressed and quite enjoyed it. Embarrassingly so, but in the interests of full disclosure, I managed to pull myself a mere 4166m in 20 minutes. That’s not only not good, it’s on the bad side of ‘pretty bad’.

Job done.

Row & Spin

Keeping the rowing going for now. Yesterday was a costly 10km easy set. I somehow forgot my HRM strap at the gym; returned there today to see if anyone had found it and was told they hadn’t. Not good! The row itself was ok. The Easy 10km rows are finally starting to feel easy. With that, I added a few surges and finished the set strong; holding 210w for the last 1km. Still felt fresh afterwards. My hope is that the rowing will compliment my cycling and running while not causing the stress that running causes. My lack of running last year has made my feet more susceptible to injury – until I get about 500 careful kilometers into my legs that won’t change. Until then it’s easy on the running and hard on the rowing.

Today I did something that I haven’t done since 2006: I went to a spinning class. I knew I wouldn’t have time to get on the trainer tonight so bit the bullet and did the class. It was a good short sharp set. 41 minutes of hard work. I also was reminded of why I gave up spinning… that smell. No room smells worse.

I’ll try to swim and or run tomorrow.


Moving Again…


I’ve taken a softly, softly approach to get back into it. The day after mo runs on the 17th I had considerable leg pain (DOMS) so opted for a swim the next day. 22×100 on 1:45 in ACTIC – it felt very easy. Next day I decided to re-acquaint myself with the Concept2 and climbed on for an easy 30 minutes. Next day was my baseline treadmill run: 30 minutes @ 13,3km/h. record the HR at the finish (161bpm – not good!). Saturday was a complete rest and Sunday was an easy 10km on the Concept2.

I think I’ll alternate Concept2 and running until I get more fit and durable – I’ve had some right foot pain this year when I tried to run too much too soon. Concept2 is a good compliment for running (and cycling). As for cycling, It’s now time to start the indoor season. Minus six this morning.


I got out on the bike last night… late last night. The good is that I got out and very nearly bagged the idea. An hour and forty minutes of mixed efforts later I arrived home fairly unmotivated and a little tired.
The good should be remembered and the bad forgotten. I will have three days of zero training this weekend so I should ignore the low motivation and get the training done.
Run home, MTB tonight and a two hour cycle on Thursday should be enough to make the three days off enjoyable – it’ll only get me to 6:30 for the week but I can live with that especially since there is a good chance that I’ll do a 40-50 minute run on Sunday that will bring me over seven hours.


It’s been a bumpy rode this off-season. Badly broken rib, Influenza, two week chest cough, sprained toe to name the major contributors to my current lack of fitness. Up to a point I considered this a blessing in disguise since I usually peak way too early in the season. It’s now April and top level fitness seems to lie somewhere in the distant future.

I have 37 days to my first race of the year: Kungsholmen Half Marathon. I over-did the distance on the long run on Tuesday and have been feeling a little tender in the right knee ever since. When I trained for Dublin Marathon in 2012 in just 8 weeks this feeling was the norm after pretty much every long run. I fully understand that it is not something that is sustainable in the long term but I’ll battle through it one more time and try to make sure it doesn’t become something I accept in the long term; I’ve only got two knees after all and don’t want to have to replace them any time soon.

Back to the details. After Saturday’s bike ride I took two days off training. I’m not used to cycling and don’t recover very well at the moment. Next session was a long run on Tuesday. I had an idea that I wanted to run long but not exactly how long – 18km was in the back of my mind during the day. Work was mental so I had to wait until 20:30 before I got the chance to run. Stress from work was probably what caused me to make a poor decision; after running for just five minutes I decided that the run would be 90 minutes long. It was pretty easy except for the fact that my right knee gave me mild pain occasionally. I couldn’t work out the trigger. Sometimes downhill, sometimes on the flat; I was sure at one stage that it was only when I ran into the wind (it was -1 C). Either way it doesn’t matter – it was and is sore.

I swam yesterday and rowed today. If I am pain free tomorrow I’ll do a 10km mod-hard run, rest Saturday and do the Ursvik Extrem on Sunday. I’m hoping the forest trails will be kind to my knees.

Fitness wise, I’m not where I want to be, but -unlike during Tuesday’s run- I have to accept where I am and train accordingly.

Onward and upwards.


Shut Up Legs

The day after the Ursvik Xtrem I got a chance to train and did a pretty difficult 10km Concept2 set:

1000m @ 1:59/500m
500m @ 2:08/500m
1000m @ 1:59/500m
500m @ 2:08/500m
1000m @ 1:59/500m
2000m @ 2:08/500m
1000m @ 1:59/500m
500m @ 2:08/500m
1000m @ 1:59/500m
500m @ 2:08/500m
1000m as Alt. 100m @ 1:45/500m / 100m @ 2:15/500m

Monday I got a chance to do a quick trainer set and tried something different…

5 minutes steady followed by 5 x 30 seconds standing @ 350w, 30 seconds 100w.

Did that for 40 minutes.

I’ll try to run today and swim tonight.



Low Mojo

I had the morning to train. Alarm went off and I felt no desire to get up. Snooze #1. Nine minutes of deep sleep later I hit snooze #2. Somehow, just two minutes later I was up and getting dressed – making excuses about how I could skip my gym session.

Driving to work I had almost convinced myself that I would do a little bit of work first, then -after my breakfast has digested- I would go out and run. At the last moment, I took the turn into the gym parking lot and decided I’d row 10km.

My head was not in it – I wanted to climb off after only 1km. I somehow managed to keep going for the full 10km; the slowest 10km of the year. With that said, I’m taking it as a victory: a victory for will power. I’ll remember this set when I feel like skipping a workout next. A shit one is infinitely better than no workout.

Let’s see if I am able to make it to swimming tonight.


Did it. I was extremely tired after putting the girls to bed and considered skipping the swimming. In a last minute burst of energy I jumped in the car and drove across town to swim. Upon diving into the water I immediately felt good and had a great swim. The swimming is pretty intense at the club these days – I’m not sure if that’s good but I’ll roll with if and see where it leads. I’ll have to start focusing on longer easier sets pretty soon. I want to be in the ‘swim shape of my life’ this July when it matters. Getting there in April won’t do!

Row ->Sleep -> Run

Oh what plans I had for this morning. I had planned to do a monster training set before work. Run an easy 42 minute 10km on the treadmill, then 10 minute of strength work on the Concept2 (Some kind of interval with very high resistance) and follow that with a 30 minute swim.

To prepare for this I did a 10km row last night – took it very easy and didn’t feel any after effects last night. Unfortunately the after effects were there. My usual easy 42 minute was not good. Uncomfortable would be a mild way of putting it – agony would be a little dramatic. It just wasn’t happening. I slogged it out for 32 minutes and then decided to do intervals for the last 10 minutes; 1 min @ 13km/h, 1 min @ 16km/h. Last minute @ 17km/h. I figured that a) I was feeling shite anyway, so I might as well put the hammer down and b)I would not be doing any more training after the run so I should get some quality done.

Now, 90 minutes later I do not regret scrapping the plan. It was not the correct plan. Tomorrow is another day.