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RED Fail

Run Every Day plan failed. Two runs in and my social life derailed my training for three days. Now I’m back at it again but not getting in nearly enough training. I think I may have time to do two and a half hours before work tomorrow – that’ll get me back on track. If I have the time or energy I can do a short run in the evening and start another RED set.

Today was a 35 minute blast on the MTB this morning and a 41 minute steady run this afternoon. If I hurry I could get another 40 minutes on the bike before it’s time to make dinner for the family. IF, and I really do mean if, I get all this done, there still remains the small matter of my swimming (in)ability this year. I think I may have to let it go for the year… I don’t have enough time to be a cyclist and a triathlete. I may have time to be a cyclist and a runner though… the journey continues.


I did the 16th day running despite the pain in my foot; the idea was to try to run through it and eventually be pain free. So the 16th day was a test – 13,8km running on varied terrain. Foot felt pretty good during the run but pain came several times. Next day – that would have been run day 17 I decided to take a day off and see how it felt.

Today it feels a little better. I’ll definitely race tomorrow and probably run today. After that I’ll address the foot properly and then plan another 15-25 day running streak.

Two Weeks

Run #15 done on day #14. That’s the good.
Left foot has strange pain/sensations when running. That’s the bad.

Now, what to do about it?

Option 1: Just get the 25 minutes running done each day and see if it goes away while focusing on swimming.

Option 2: RICE

Option 3: MTB/Swim/RICE


The Hangover Part 2

Murderously difficult run today – all 26 minutes of it.
Wine tasting party last night. I came very close to ending the Run Every Day routine.

Still alive after 13 days.


Tomorrow I start to swim again.
The goal is to swim at least three times per week while keeping the running going.
This should be possible.

The Hangover

I very nearly skipped today’s run. An encounter with a whisky bottle nearly ended the run. After nearly deciding that the run every day challenge was destined to end today I finally managed to pull myself out of the couch and hit five minutes over the mandatory 25.

4:27/km – easy enough.

I had been thinking all day about how and when to end project RED. Because of my mental state I only get as far as deciding that I will only make that decision when I feel good AND after the day’s run.

Or in checklist form:

Did you run today?
Do you feel good?
Is it time to end this shit?

All three need to be yes in order to end it.