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Run + UBS

That’s upper body strength. I wanted to save my legs for Saturday’s VO2 Max set on the bike so I did no leg work. Another reason is that I have a small problem.

During my treadmill run I felt a slight sharp strain around my knee.
My left knee.
The knee that usually feels a slight strain when I do squats.
The knee that felt one slight strain when I did 48 squats on Wednesday.
Those statements make it seem like I caused this… which I most likely did.
I now feel the sensation -not pain- when I walk down stairs sometimes.

Something is wrong but how do I address it?

Here is my first strategy:

Keep the cycling going.
Replace running with rowing.
Temporarily replace free weight squats with leg press machine… lower the weights.
Add eccentric leg strength exercises to the weight program.

My VO2 Max session tomorrow morning will tell me if my plan is sound. If I survive that set then I know for sure that the cycling does not aggravate my knee.

Same time tomorrow night I’ll know if the strategy is partly right. I’ll review and adjust as necessary.

Catch this early and it won’t be a problem.
Losing a few % FTP now is better than loosing more later.
A stitch in time saves nine.


Injured No More…

…I think.

I have done my third run in five days and today I felt great. Absolutely no sensation in the left foot at all and my running is approaching an acceptable level.
This morning’s run was a hot 11km at a pretty much constant 4:35/km and it showed me that I have fitness in the bag from earlier this year.

Trainingpeaks has many metrics that show me progress:
NGP for one – it calculates a normalized pace, the pace that you would have ran on a flat course.
IF,EF & TSS are also great.
However, when I am just developing base fitness, the best marker are the Peak Distance Metrics during a steady run.
See beolow, the metrics from this morning”s run:
Peak3The run had no surges – just running. See the difference between peek 10km and peek 5km: 8 seconds/km. That’s a good fitness marker.
Now if we compare it with my last run before I finally admitted I was injured:
Peek1Three seconds per kilometer between peek 5km and peek 10km.

Until I get ‘fit’, that’s the metric I’ll be tracking. When this normalizes over 5km and 10km, I’ll then start to add interval work.


I’ve just come back from my first open water swim of 2014. Just a short one (about 1800m) but I threw in some hard efforts – the last 300m was at Olympic Tri pace. My foot is in pretty good shape still, despite 33km of running in the last 5 days. I can still feel a pressure point when I massage with a tennis ball but after about 1-2 minutes of massage there is no pain at all. I wonder what the problem was/is?

If things continue as they are I could manage to get a good week training done. Preliminary plan is:

Run tomorrow.
Swim + MTB Saturday
Long Run Sunday

Of course, that could and probably will change.

Swim Test

Got in the pool yesterday and thought I’d find out where I am with my swimming fitness.

I had planned to swim for an hour and see what my average 100m pace was. I only lasted 50 minutes and 3200m before calling it a day; pace was down to a crawl and I saw no point in continuing. So I have my baseline now: 1:40/100m. This time last year it was 1:38/100 for a 4000m swim. So I’m behind but I believe I can catch up. Swim, swim and swim should do it.

Today I did my second run on the poor foot. No pain at all and I had a pretty good run. I’m going to see a physio today about the foot but hope to continue to run from now on. The plan is to run 10km every second day for a week and then transition into another Run Every Day phase. There are a few hurdles to overcome before I do that but that’s the plan.

The aquathlon is still possible but the result won’t be that good at all.  Main goal now is Silver Medal at Lidingöloppet and a damn fast Dublin Marathon.

Next year I’ll get back on the bike.


This season has been pretty bad. Injury and illness have been the main theme and as a result, my very well planned season is already null and void. After resting for four weeks, the foot is still not 100% – I have an appointment booed for tomorrow to address that, only after that will I know the way forward.

In the meantime, I will keep at the MTB and try to get better and faster. I should also start to use the road bike or tri bike; The reason for down-prioritizing cycling this year is now gone. Swim/Run has not worked out so well.


The Foot + the MTB

I’ll start with the bad: my left foot is still sore. I tried running through the injury but after seven days I gave up on that. I’m now two weeks and three days without one run. I’m massaging my foot with a tennis ball whenever I think about it but the pain persists.

While I have been on a break from running I stepped up my swim training and decided to climb aboard the MTB again. Last night was my 5th consecutive day on the bike. I did NICK trail on each occasion and also got faster with every try. Last night I went out an broke my previous PB by a little over a minute. My fitness is nowhere near what it was last year so time gain is exclusively down to knowledge of the course. I see that it is possible to go sub-35 this year… If the foot doesn’t get into running shape soon then I should have the possibility of reaching that goal. If running gets back on track then that will be my goal and the MTB will be relegated to harmless fun. At this stage it’s not in my hands.


I did the 16th day running despite the pain in my foot; the idea was to try to run through it and eventually be pain free. So the 16th day was a test – 13,8km running on varied terrain. Foot felt pretty good during the run but pain came several times. Next day – that would have been run day 17 I decided to take a day off and see how it felt.

Today it feels a little better. I’ll definitely race tomorrow and probably run today. After that I’ll address the foot properly and then plan another 15-25 day running streak.

The Foot

Injury summary:
Injury happened at 10:45 on Saturday 2014-03-22.
Finished run without pain.
Pain increased with time for 20 hours. (2/10->6/10)
10:45 on Sunday 2014-03-23 compression, ice and painkillers. Pain 5/10. Walking is difficult. Can move toe painfully: significantly more pain with dorsiflexion.
12:00 Monday 2014-03-24 no pain with movement. Walking hurts. No Constant pain.

Slight swelling remains.
Can walk slowly with very slight limp.
Not ready for Concept 2.
May try to swim tonight.

Still sore.
Didn’t swim last night.
I’ll try the Concept2 today…

Ursvik Xtrem – Setback

I was still tired from Tuesday and Thursday’s double training days but decided that I should get out and do an easy long run. The Ursvik Xrerm can’t ever be called easy but I ran it very conservatively and hoped it would not require too much recovery afterwards.

I felt pretty bad for the first few kilometres but started to feel better and better as I progressed. By kilometre 8 I was feeling pretty good and this feeling remained until the end – with the exception of a mishap at kilometre 13. I was approaching a section where I fell last week and I said to myself -out loud- that “this is where you fell last week, take it easy here”. No sooner had I said it when I tripped again on probably the same rock as I did last week and hurt my right big toe pretty badly. There was immediate pain but it subsided an I could finish the run pain free.

Every passing hour since then has caused an increase in pain. I’m assuming that it is a sprain and the advice from the world wide web states that a toe sprain can cause five to ten days off running.

I’ve iced the toe, taken painkillers and added a compression bandage. I’m still in pain but I’ll get through the day. If the usual sprain takes five days before one can run again I’m going to assume that I can start on the concept2 in two to there days – this will reduce the negative effect that the injury has on my running and swimming.

Injury summary:
Injury happened at 10:45 on Saturday 2014-03-22.
Finished run without pain.
Pain increased with time for 20 hours. (2/10->6/10)
10:45 on Sunday 2014-03-23 compression, ice and painkillers. Pain 5/10. Walking is difficult. Can move toe painfully: significantly more pain with dorsiflexion.


Easy does it…

I ran two days ago. Just 6,8km at a very easy pace and effort.
There was a little pain on the downhills at the end and the ribs were a little tender afterwards but the next day and today, I feel pretty good.

The temptation is to start to hit-it now but conservatism is most likely the best way forward.

Maybe I’ll do a trainer ride tonight -though there is a high chance I won’t be able to do this because of an argument that will most likely take place at home.

Either way, I’m back. Probably start rowing in a week and continue running and cycling until then.