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Low on Energy and Drive

Really not feeling the best these days. I managed to string together two ten hour weeks – that’s something I’ve not done in a long time. Bike strength is my main reason for concern. I don’t feel strong. The four most recent rides have been on the back of four other hard days – I’m going to give myself that as an excuse. So next up is to rest and then go out and scorch the bike and feel strong again.


I still want to get the weight training done.

And the swimming.

And the running.

And I want to feel like a god on the bike,

Something might be not doable here.

Anyway, now that I have seen the light, I can say what I did today.
Started with a two and half hour sluggish yet enjoyable MTB ride on Fornstigen trail. Slow, slippy at time but nice.

Then lunch, jobs around the house and a short run: 8.5km @ 4:25/km . Probably the first real running pace I’ve displayed all year.

Tomorrow I’ll do something too. Bike in the morning, swim during lunch and do weights later in the evening… or something else… or perhaps nothing.



Anyone Got Some Motivation?

I’m off track. Or perhaps I’m not because I have no plan, no goals and so no track to follow. Training has been pretty much non-existent for the past four weeks and my CTL has dropped to an all time low.
Yesterday I once again skipped my planned workout. That’s the new norm. However last night I said “enough is enough” and went out on the MTB… in the dark… on the pretty technical NICK trail.

I had my Lumicycle light on the bars, that gave 1600 lumens.
I also had a head lamp on my helmet, the Silva Runner giving a further 550 lumens.

I could probably have managed with either one but I loved the spread provided by the combination.

Was it great training? Perhaps not.
Am I back on track? No.
Where do I go from here? Not sure.

First, I should start running and swimming again.
Secondly, remember last night. Training can be done after dark.

Not there yet but at lest it seems I want to be back on track.

Goal planing will start soon.

RED Fail

Run Every Day plan failed. Two runs in and my social life derailed my training for three days. Now I’m back at it again but not getting in nearly enough training. I think I may have time to do two and a half hours before work tomorrow – that’ll get me back on track. If I have the time or energy I can do a short run in the evening and start another RED set.

Today was a 35 minute blast on the MTB this morning and a 41 minute steady run this afternoon. If I hurry I could get another 40 minutes on the bike before it’s time to make dinner for the family. IF, and I really do mean if, I get all this done, there still remains the small matter of my swimming (in)ability this year. I think I may have to let it go for the year… I don’t have enough time to be a cyclist and a triathlete. I may have time to be a cyclist and a runner though… the journey continues.

Saturday Ride

Met up with R & J and went north of the city for a good training spin.


There was no plan other than to just ride but we ended up doing three solid efforts during the three hours. I was happy afterwards and looking forward to backing it up with something on Sunday. Sunday came and I felt tired – really tired. Initially, in a state of denial, I postponed my training until after lunch, then after dinner and finally until after the kids went to bed… the final result was a rest day.

Today I took my bike to work and plan to do two hours on the way home from work. I’ve already done 50 minutes training today: 40 fairly tough minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes swimming. The treadmill run was 13,1km/h @ 1% with a few ‘jump ups’ in difficulty. Some 9% gradients without slowing down and a few 17,1km/h (3:30/km) bursts of speed.

The goal is to get_back_running this week and keep building the load on the bike… a third goal is to get to swimming with the club.

see how the week pans out.


It’s been a bumpy rode this off-season. Badly broken rib, Influenza, two week chest cough, sprained toe to name the major contributors to my current lack of fitness. Up to a point I considered this a blessing in disguise since I usually peak way too early in the season. It’s now April and top level fitness seems to lie somewhere in the distant future.

I have 37 days to my first race of the year: Kungsholmen Half Marathon. I over-did the distance on the long run on Tuesday and have been feeling a little tender in the right knee ever since. When I trained for Dublin Marathon in 2012 in just 8 weeks this feeling was the norm after pretty much every long run. I fully understand that it is not something that is sustainable in the long term but I’ll battle through it one more time and try to make sure it doesn’t become something I accept in the long term; I’ve only got two knees after all and don’t want to have to replace them any time soon.

Back to the details. After Saturday’s bike ride I took two days off training. I’m not used to cycling and don’t recover very well at the moment. Next session was a long run on Tuesday. I had an idea that I wanted to run long but not exactly how long – 18km was in the back of my mind during the day. Work was mental so I had to wait until 20:30 before I got the chance to run. Stress from work was probably what caused me to make a poor decision; after running for just five minutes I decided that the run would be 90 minutes long. It was pretty easy except for the fact that my right knee gave me mild pain occasionally. I couldn’t work out the trigger. Sometimes downhill, sometimes on the flat; I was sure at one stage that it was only when I ran into the wind (it was -1 C). Either way it doesn’t matter – it was and is sore.

I swam yesterday and rowed today. If I am pain free tomorrow I’ll do a 10km mod-hard run, rest Saturday and do the Ursvik Extrem on Sunday. I’m hoping the forest trails will be kind to my knees.

Fitness wise, I’m not where I want to be, but -unlike during Tuesday’s run- I have to accept where I am and train accordingly.

Onward and upwards.


Moving Along

Now that I’ve accepted that tomorrow will be a DNS, It’s time to make a plan.
I can run 20km pretty easily now.
My goal is to keep a 20-25km run as a weekly session.
On top of that swimming needs to take a front seat.
And finally, it’s time to bring the bike focus back.
Weekly volume should be:
Running: 2,5 hours
Swimming: 3 hours
Biking: 2-3 hours

That’s under 9 weekly hours on average. Should be manageable.
The next mistake I’m likely to make is to dive back into training too soon.
Keep this in mind.
Let’s not end the season before it begins.

Static Apnea

I have been playing around with an old and odd interest of mine:Static Apnea.

I went through a set of O2 tables and reached a surprising 4:30 in the end. As far as I can remember my previouis best was only 4:07 so I now have a new goal for the off season. Try to get 50% of the current world record of 11:35.
That makes my goal 5:47,5 but I think I’ll round it up to 6:00.


I may be foolish now.
Alternatively, I may have been foolish for the past 6 years.

Let me explain.
Up to this year I only entered races that I thought I was well prepared for. My definition of well prepared was “prepared enough to either come close to or beat my PB in that specific event”.

If that was foolish, then I am now less foolish.
If that made sense, then I am now foolish.

I have a 10k race in 3 days; #1: I have ran five times in the last seven weeks!
I entered Dublin Marathon last night; #1 from above plus #2: Dublin marathon is in 11 weeks.
I have an Olympic triathlon in 9 days; #1 from above #3: I have not done a triathlon in 6 years #4: I have never done an Olympic triathlon before #5: I have not swam consistently since early May

Last year, in my end of season review, I stated: “I must give myself at least a chance to fail”.
Boy did I ever succeed in that!


I ran just over 10km today.
4:00/k for the first hals.
Got difficult after that.
Ended the run with 4:13/km average pace for 42 minutes.

Another day off…

…and another double day.

Similar bike set to Tuesday (10 min spinning 104+, 2 min Easy, 2 x 10 min HIM pace w& 3 min Easy between followed by 6min as :30/:30 Steady/Hard)

Then off to swimming for a short but difficult set. Two main sets: 9×100 on 1:50 (all 1:30 or better). 10x 50 max on 1:30 (all 50s under :40)

Tired and a little sore.

I’ll probably head to the track tomorrow with the Asics Piranha’s and give them another go. I’ll do the MAF test most likely.

I think I’ve decided what I want to aim for next year; I came up with it during the first main set tonight: Winning Stockholm Triathlon 40-44 AG. Now, it’s out there!


Running is progressing nicely. I managed a 12,5km run today – with little or no pain. The softly, softly approach -while annoying- seems to be proving to be a winner. Who knows, maybe I’ll come out fitter than I expected since all my runs are coming out at 4:30/km at a ‘steady’ effort. If I could build my long run up at this speed the possibilities would be pretty promising. I know I have a Sub-2:50 marathon in me; I wonder if I’ll ever get it out?


How often was I sick/injured? What time of year did this happen?
Almost never sick.
Injured after Lidingöloppet: A race I was not prepared for.

When did my motivation peak?
May – I lost it before my planned A race.
I started specific training too soon.
I can remedy this by backing off and doing non-specific training until 20 weeks out; That’s long enough specific preparation.

When did my athletic performance peak?
It didn’t.

Did I manage to get my best athletic performance into my races?

No. I have to check my diary, but I think I failed to rest after Dublin marathon. Rather than rest and become hungry for success again I kept training and my enthusiasm tapered off to almost nothing by the time Stockholm marathon arrived.

When is the weather best for training in my area?

Running: April->October
Cycling: April->August
MTB/Cyclocross: April->October
Swimming: Jan->December

What terrain do I have available in my area?

Cycling: Everything but big hills
Running: Pretty much everything

What types of racing suit my personal profile?

Marathon/Half marathon
Half Ironman
Long-distance swim

Do I deeply enjoy the training required to perform at my chosen races?



So – after that, where do I go?