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Rest and a small project

Yesterday I had a rest… a little over six hours last week may not seem like much but the Saturday-Sunday back to back bike sessions finished me off.

I did a small project in the spare time I had. Bought a thermos flask, cut the top off an old water bottle and put the two together. Now I have a warm drink bottle that will fit in the bottle cage.




Saturday morning is forecast to be -5 C so I can give it a test then.

Today I will most likely do an FTP test.

February Sickness…

I should nearly plan for this eventuality in the future: Sick in February. At least this year it’s not so bad. I’d say I’ll be four days without training.

I ran on Saturday – a lovely run around Brunsviken and felt strange – when I got home I downloaded my data and saw that pace was down, HR was up; That was the virus incubating inside me.

I could probably train today but I will not. Chest is sore and I don’t particularly want to complicate my life by training with a chest infection.


I resisted the urge to train today.

I really wanted to do something but felt that I should ease into the regular training – even though I’m taking it very easy at the moment. I will most likely MTB + swim tomorrow, row and run on Thursday and then rest on Friday. That’s the plan for the moment anyway.



No pain this morning… well, that’s a lie. I had major pain in my shoulders from the strength training set yesterday. The foot though is great; not even the slightest sensation. To celebrate I was going to go out and run again but I will rest instead and take it tomorrow.
Sauna is on and I’ll take a beer afterwards.

Still Sick

The symptoms of my cold are still getting worse.
Today my ears are blocked.
Sore throat, runny nose, blocked ears.
All above the neck.
So that means I can run on Saturday if my symptoms are gone.


It’s now 21:00 and I somehow feel the cold has past it’s peak.
Tomorrow is another day and will tell more.
I’m drinking a concoction of fresh lime, ginger, honey and camomile tea and am about to jump into the sauna.
If I run on Saturday it will be my first run in 10 days… not good but better than not running at all.

Rest Time

I’ve been over-reaching for a number of days now… time to back off for a while.
Tonight’s SCT swim set is my absolute favourite; As many 400s as can be done in the hour. Sense is telling me to leave it alone. I will listen!

No Run…

The plan didn’t work out.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Swim
Wednesday: Turbo Set
Thursday: Run + Swim
Friday: Turbo Set + Run
Saturday: Swim?
Sunday: Long Run

Total Training Time: 3:39

No running at all this week; that is probably not a very bad thing but it needs to be addressed.
This week will have three runs, two Turbo sessions and at lest two swims.
Over 8 hours is the goal.
Long run planned today: 27km

Let’s see.


Started in sunshine and finished in snow.
Ended up off-road on Ice for about 500m – I think this slowed the average somewhat.
It was very easy up to 20-22km; then it got a progressively difficult.
28,46km , 2:20:36, 147 av. HR, 4:58/km

A good start to the week.

Checking against the marathon plan:
The plan:

The Training:
(10th/Feb)18,(18th/Feb)21,87,(27th/Feb)25,5,(7th/March)15-[M-Pace],(10th/March)27[Lap 2 of Mara Course](18th/March)28.5,(24th/March)30,(31st/March)30,(7th/April)32,(14th/April)30,(21st/April)32

I was thinking during my long run; what else is there to do?
I have never been running these distances so far out from a marathon… this leaves me room to try something new. Not revolutionary new to the field of marathon training or the study of human physiology, new to me. Different to what ‘works’.
I used ‘works’ because maybe there is something better. Maybe it doesn’t work!

So, the thoughts that floated around were two different ideas.
1/ Go LONG. I usually cap the training at 32km – never going longer. Why not do a 35km run? In a marathon I usually start to fall apart at km 28-30. If I ran longer distances in training would this change? Or – is it the pace? which brings me to idea #2.

2/ Run Significantly more at M-Pace. Perhaps take a full week running 10-15km per day at planned M-Pace. Is this just looking for a injury or is it looking for an edge?

Perhaps there is something in 1 & 2, perhaps it’s obvious. Perhaps it’s just a different way of saying TRAIN MORE. Perhaps it’s the madness that is music free running; too much time to think.


I had a chance to train but turned it down. My poor performance on the bike yesterday made resting a good call. Tomorrow will be a double. Bike and either swim or run.