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Big Day

Biggest day in a long time today.

Started with a new PB on NICK trail – Not just a PB, but an almost four minute PB on a time that was an outlier last year. Pleasantly surprised. It’s a time I never believed I was capable or. Now of course I believe I can do much better! Typical eh?

I then thought that my training was going to be blocked once I got home so I did a 30 minute swim in ACTIC. Just swam. No sets.

FInally, my neighbor managed to convince me to doing a swimrun with him. We went out and did an hour that consisted of around 900m swimming and eight kilometers of running. Total distance was 9km.

Borås swimrun is 34km in total. So we did 26% of the race and it was pretty easy.

Could I do it 4 times? I suppose so.
Could I do it 4 times at that pace? Probably.

Low Mojo

Did quite a bit this weekend but felt pretty bad doing it.

Starting with Friday – a sluggish and unenthusiastic two hour MTB ride.

Saturday I did a descent run. 15km taking in most of Ursvik Extreme trail. Didn’t scorch it because that was not the goal. I’m trying to build up distance at my ‘all day pace’ so I’ll be in good enough shape to get around Borås SwimRun on the 19th of June.

Tonight, the third attempt to get out on the bike today, I did the old reliable Färentuna loop. Felt really bad but kept on trucking. Had an average speed of 32km/h for the night so It can’t have been that bad. Mentally though I was not there. I’d like to blame the run yesterday but I think there may be something else at play… Let’s see how things pan out over the next few weeks.


Hills and Run-Bike

Two days, two training sessions and three activities.

Starting to work on a big overload period. Eight days of overload remaining. Then a rest, a small overload and a 3 day taper.

Today’s session was a 30 minute run directly followed up by 30 minutes on a spinning bike.

The 30 minute run felt good. Solid pace good legs.
I had no pan when I jumped on the spinning bike. I did a moderately hard 10 minutes and then switched into 20 minutes of 0:40 hard, standing, 0:20 easy grinding a very low cadence.

As if that wasn’t enough – and it wasn’t – I then got on the rollers at 10:10 last night and did 10 minutes at  210w + followed by the 0:40/0:20 VO2 max session. To make it interesting I didn’t look at the computer; I just went on time and feel. Numbers were good – a little up and down but no fade throughout the set. Happy with that!It looked like this:


Rest, Ride and Run

I took the day off after my morning MTB session with Johan. Legs were very tired. We had dinner guests on Saturday and I hit the bed at 00:10 and set the clock for 06:00… I reckoned nearly six hours sleep and a 3-4 hour bike ride would be just the ticket. Alarm sounded and I felt pretty dam tired. Nevertheless up I got and started to eat a big breakfast… still tired. Coffee. Still sleepy. I then glanced at the microwave clock -the only one in the house that doesn’t automatically set itself- 05:20. Spring forward time! Had I known when I was going to bed I probably wouldn’t have bothered.

It took at least 40 minutes for my legs to get going on the bike and once they did I felt good. Needed up doing three and a half hours and  was plenty tired afterwards. To top off the long weekend I’m just back from an easy 9km run. 5:00/km – felt good doing so.

Tomorrow I hope to get to swimming with the club. Maybe a weight session during the day too.

Plod and Roll

I sit here typing here exhausted. I just attempted a 20 minute power nap that turned into a 35 minute nap-snooze-nap. Bloody tired! What has made me tired? Seven hours training in five days could be it although I hadn’t felt tired until about one hour into today’s ride. Yesterday’s ‘run’ was probably the first sign but I’m so irregular at running that I can’t tell if I’m just slow or just tired. The run was indeed slow yesterday but I assumed that it was the result of not running very much but I can now say that the result of that run was brought on by physical stress.

So what do I do now?

Rest, recover and ride again tomorrow?

A part of me wants to get seven hours cycling done in three days but my head -and my legs- tell me that this will probably not happen. As a thought experiment for now, what would happen if I kept pushing through this tiredness barrier? How long would it take to recover? Would the gains be worth it? Would there be any gains?

I most likely will never find out.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 18.22.02

Keep Moving

Gym again tonight… not planned but my other plans were squeezed out by work. First up was a run – My legs are quite sore from last nights weights so I had no idea how I would feel. Starting out I felt ok and I actually felt better and better as the run continued. After 10 minutes I changed the incline from 1% to 2% and, despite it taking a little more effort to run, it felt better. More stable and it seemed that it made me use my quads more. Hard to describe but I’ll probably be running at 2% from now on.

After that I decided to do a 5km row in the Concept2. Started out very easy and feeling very bad. Just like yesterday it came good and I did the last 2km @ under 2:00/500m. 50 minutes training for the day – enough to count but not enough to increase specific fitness.

Tomorrow is a long sweet spot session and a short swim. Swim is planned during work so I very much doubt that I’ll be able to do it. Nonetheless I’ll plan for it.

Feeling good and making progress.
51 days to Lidding MTB… getting close.


Yesterday turned out to be an easy day – the swim was all I managed. I’m feeling a slight itch in my throat and an ever so mild headache. Nothing serious but I’ll put hard training on hold until I’m recovered. Today I will run outside for an undetermined distance at an undetermined pace. The goal is to get moving and not cause stress. The last time I felt slightly sick like this I trained easy and recovered quickly. Time to check if that was a one off.

I’ll report back when I’m done.


I decided to state how I feel before I run:
RHR: 54bpm
Headache: 1/10
Sore throat: Not sore – slight itch feeling.
Tiredness: 2/10
Eyes feel sleepy.
Breathing deeply gives a cold sensation to my throat.
Bad taste in mouth.


Run done.

Took it easy. Ran on feel. Never looked at the watch once.
52 minutes @ 4:44/km, 144 av. HR. Felt really strong all the way… can’t really explain that at all. Pleasantly surprised.



Swim – Lift

Monday’s FTP test had me feeling a little sluggish today. With that in mind I decided to go for an easy swim today. I had planned 30 minutes non-stop but was going to allow myself to get out after 20. I started swimming and was surprised at how effortless it was. 40 minutes later I decided I had done enough. 1:37/km average pace wasn’t too bad.

I decided to do a second training session tonight after everyone went to bed. I arrived at the gym at 21:20, did an easy 20 minute run to warm up and then blasted my legs.

Started with descending sets on the leg press machine: 2×15, 2×12, 2×9 @ 100kg, 118kg, 136kg
…then calf raises, hamstring curls and other stuff. I don’t have the gym lingo down at all! Still learning.

TSS for the day was 99,3

Leg Blaster

I needed to do something today. Anything. Last night I skipped my evening workout in favor of eating a large bag of chocolate biscuits. Couldn’t stop eating and felt sick afterwards.  There were several plans swimming around in my head as I approached the gym -swimming being one of them- but I finally decided upon an easy 40 minute treadmill run followed by a leg blaster weight session.

I feel rally tired now and am very doubtful that I will make it to swim training tonight. Time will tell.


Plod – Splash

Knee has been great so I decided to test it out. 30 minutes with the last 20 alternating 3min @ 14km/h, 2min @ 15km/h. Easy enough and felt good. Happy with that.

I then jumped into the pool; the first time there in over two weeks. It went as expected. Not easy after 3 minutes and then I settled into a rhythm after a while.

Feeling a little stiff now.