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Lidingö MTB Repair Update

Finally got all the parts to fix my MTB last night… ended up having to go out and buy gear cable since the old one was pretty badly beaten up. Bought Jagwire MTB Pro cable-housing kit; it’s really an excellent kit. Well worth the premium over the ‘normal’ cable-housing solutions.

Anyway, I started putting the bike together. Hanger, derailleur, cable, chain and finally adjust the gears.

Low limit screw set – easy.
Upper limit screw set – not so easy… I’d set it and the chain would still bounce up and down… WTF says I.

A close examination showed that the large sprocket in the cassette was buckled! I’ll go in to Cykloteket and buy an XT cassette today –   that’s another 550 SEK in damage and another day off the MTB.

The 8 minutes of racing has cost me about 3.000 SEK so far.


The week wasn’t such a beast but I’m drained as I sit here and type this. Just back from 2:31 of relatively easy cycling. The fact that it is my fourth training day in a row may explain the fatigue. I was very organised today. Before leaving I set the timer on the sauna so that it would be ready when I got back. That turned out to be a great idea but for the first time in my life I fell asleep in the thing.

Knee is perfect. Not a hint of a sensation. I’m still going to take it easy with running and squatting but that’s about it for now.



I returned to the same gym I was in on Friday – the one with the supposed broken Concept2. I was going to run for 40 minutes but decided to sit on the concept2 and see if I had any luck this time. Well, the 3 x 12 x… V02 Max session on the bike on Friday must have taken a lot out of me on Friday because the rower was perfectly fine. I did a 10km set as follows:
5km Steady (185w)
5km as 100m Hard (250w), 100m easy (150w)
Called it a day after that – it was 22:15 and I’m trying to get my sleep patterns back to work mode.

Tomorrow I’ll be back on the rollers. ? x 9:00/1:00 Sweetspot intervals.

Big Day

I’ve been meaning to do this set for quite some time and finally managed to do it today:

3 x [12 x (0:30 @ 130% FTP, 0:15 @ 50% FTP)] on 3:00 RI


It was tough… very tough. Being honest with your FTP is going to make all the difference here. If you overestimate it you most likely won’t finish the set and if you underestimate it then, well, you of course wont get the same training effect.

After that I ate and decided to go the the gym later on. I planned doing a 10km concept 2 set but couldn’t get the power up on the rowing machine so I bagged it after 10 minutes… it was my first time in the gym so I’m not sure if the rowing machine is ok or not… I can say that two of the three didn’t work and the third (that I uesd) seemed very difficult. Anyway, I hit the weights instead.
I’m getting into the strength training and the set now takes 40 minutes.
I also increased the weight for my squat ad deadlifts today; 45kg and 52kg respectively.

It’ll be interesting to see of this actually makes any difference in bike performance.


Felt good today.


Not much more to say about that.


There is a pair-TT on Wednesday. 48km on an out and back course. Could be brutal but I’d like to give it a go.
Thinking about it during the day.

Rest, Bike, Run

After the double day on Thursday I was pretty tired.I ended up taking two days off before returning to training.
Sunday was a long and pretty leisurely bike ride on the cyclocross bike. It was cold and very windy so the pace is nothing to talk about just now. Monday I went to the gym and did a pretty tough yet short run:
Change pace every km:
13.3km/h, 13,5km/h, 13,7km/h, 14km/h, 14,5km/h,
13,3km/h, 15,5km/h, 13,3km/h, 15,5km/h, 13,3km/h
500m build from 16-17km/h

Getting Tired

I have thus far executed the plan outlined in my last post; Turbo set, Treadmill Run and tonight I’ll top it off with a swim.

This is tonight’s plan:
Insim 400
3×50 med 3 ”volter/snurr” per längd
3×50 (acc1-3)
Serie (2000 m), vila 30,
400 F2, 300 F 1-3, 200 F2-3, 100 F3 -setvila 60 sek
300 F1-3, 200 F2-3, 100 F3 -setvila 60 sek
200 F2-3, 100 F3 –setvila
100 F3
4×150 Paddlar & Dolme F2
100 lugnt
Totalt 3400 meter

Last night the Turbo was 66 minutes at varying pace – I found it pretty easy and think I’m now ready for the next phase (or the first phase?) in building my cycling fitness again. My first bike goal requires almost three hours at as close to threshold as I can manage on varying terrain. I’ll drop back to MAF efforts for the next few weeks and will keep the hard stuff to 10% of my total volume for now.

Running has been very easy for the past few weeks so I addressed that on the treadmill today with a fairly difficult set:
3 minutes w/u
9 x [ 400m @ 3:58/km, 600m @ 4:30/km ]
It got quite difficult at the end… I probably shouldn’t have gone so hard.

I’ll swim tonight and do either nothing or something easy tomorrow.