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Low on Energy and Drive

Really not feeling the best these days. I managed to string together two ten hour weeks – that’s something I’ve not done in a long time. Bike strength is my main reason for concern. I don’t feel strong. The four most recent rides have been on the back of four other hard days – I’m going to give myself that as an excuse. So next up is to rest and then go out and scorch the bike and feel strong again.


I still want to get the weight training done.

And the swimming.

And the running.

And I want to feel like a god on the bike,

Something might be not doable here.

Anyway, now that I have seen the light, I can say what I did today.
Started with a two and half hour sluggish yet enjoyable MTB ride on Fornstigen trail. Slow, slippy at time but nice.

Then lunch, jobs around the house and a short run: 8.5km @ 4:25/km . Probably the first real running pace I’ve displayed all year.

Tomorrow I’ll do something too. Bike in the morning, swim during lunch and do weights later in the evening… or something else… or perhaps nothing.



Big Day

Biggest day in a long time today.

Started with a new PB on NICK trail – Not just a PB, but an almost four minute PB on a time that was an outlier last year. Pleasantly surprised. It’s a time I never believed I was capable or. Now of course I believe I can do much better! Typical eh?

I then thought that my training was going to be blocked once I got home so I did a 30 minute swim in ACTIC. Just swam. No sets.

FInally, my neighbor managed to convince me to doing a swimrun with him. We went out and did an hour that consisted of around 900m swimming and eight kilometers of running. Total distance was 9km.

Borås swimrun is 34km in total. So we did 26% of the race and it was pretty easy.

Could I do it 4 times? I suppose so.
Could I do it 4 times at that pace? Probably.

Now I Know

Today all became clear. The reason for yesterday’s lack of oomph.

I awoke with pretty bad pain in my calves. The pain was from Saturday’s run. The pain was the pain that was in the post when I sat on my bike last night – just 24 hours after finishing my longest run of the year.

So in that context, averaging 32km/h in quite windy conditions with muscle pain in the post… I’ll take that as a positive sign.

Trouble on the horizon. Two races this week. Tuesday and Wednesday. How will I manage to pull that off?

Low Mojo

Did quite a bit this weekend but felt pretty bad doing it.

Starting with Friday – a sluggish and unenthusiastic two hour MTB ride.

Saturday I did a descent run. 15km taking in most of Ursvik Extreme trail. Didn’t scorch it because that was not the goal. I’m trying to build up distance at my ‘all day pace’ so I’ll be in good enough shape to get around Borås SwimRun on the 19th of June.

Tonight, the third attempt to get out on the bike today, I did the old reliable Färentuna loop. Felt really bad but kept on trucking. Had an average speed of 32km/h for the night so It can’t have been that bad. Mentally though I was not there. I’d like to blame the run yesterday but I think there may be something else at play… Let’s see how things pan out over the next few weeks.


The Power Hour

I didn’t manage to make it to the race last night. I thought  it was going to be a zero day on the bike but at 20:20 I decided to get changed and go out on the racer.

I had no real plan so I just made my way north. I did a quick ascent of Sollentuna water tower and got a PB for each of the ascending sections… which was nice.

I then did Vikingavägen north – and got my second fastest time ever. I went as far as the Fresta roundabout and headed back home. Dug quite hard on the hill up Frestavägen and managed my second fastest time ever and then did Vikingavägen south and got my fastest ever time by a very large margin. So my motivation was low yesterday but it seems I’m fitter than I thought.

Keep building – there’s plenty left in the legs.


Got a new 1 min Power PB too – by a very large margin too.

Posting Frequency ~ Motivation

Posts have been sparse lately – a direct reflection of my motivation.

My training all year has been specifically aimed towards Lidingö MTB; the race that ended after just over 8 minutes. I thought that I had gotten over it and gotten on with life but my training, racing and blogging has been lackluster since then.

I did a couple of attempts at NICK trail and have to say that I was surprised at how quick I did it… both times were within seconds of my best ever time on the trail. That best ever time was an outlier when I made it. Now it seems that my fitness and skill is pretty much there or there abouts all the time now.

My last lap of NICK involved a slight fall. I landed on a rock garden and scratched my arm but my finger, both ankles and left knee took a bit of a knock. Ankles and knee are ok now but I still don’t have full use of my finger (left hand,middle finger).

What should I do to get my mojo back?

1/ Do a XCM MTB race… simple. There’s one in Falun on May 28th. I should do that.

2/ Make a road bike racing goal. An attainable one. One that I can improve on next year.

3/ Start training hard again.

Simple really!

I’m also crash-training for Borås swimrun.

29km run, 5km swimming. Four and a half weeks to prepare… tight.
Goals? Don’t get injured. Finish the race. That’s it.

It’s Back

IMG_8966Quite a costly race in the end, but the bike is back in action.

I finished putting it together at about eight last night and decided to take it out for a spin to test it out.

A quick blast on the NICK trail proved it was working well and I even managed my third best time ever despite the darkness towards the end. 30:0? was the time. Quite a few mistakes and a couple of falls… I can easily beat my old PB – I’d say by at least a minute on a good day.

Moving along though… what goal should I have for the season? My main goal died a death. I need something realistic and satisfying to chase.

Trip to India in three weeks won’t help much but I am also looking forward to it to be honest.

Keep on truckin’ and come up with a goal by Monday.

Lidingö MTB Repair Update

Finally got all the parts to fix my MTB last night… ended up having to go out and buy gear cable since the old one was pretty badly beaten up. Bought Jagwire MTB Pro cable-housing kit; it’s really an excellent kit. Well worth the premium over the ‘normal’ cable-housing solutions.

Anyway, I started putting the bike together. Hanger, derailleur, cable, chain and finally adjust the gears.

Low limit screw set – easy.
Upper limit screw set – not so easy… I’d set it and the chain would still bounce up and down… WTF says I.

A close examination showed that the large sprocket in the cassette was buckled! I’ll go in to Cykloteket and buy an XT cassette today –   that’s another 550 SEK in damage and another day off the MTB.

The 8 minutes of racing has cost me about 3.000 SEK so far.